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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Macky's: Yummy Goto, Tokwa't Baboy and More!:)

When it comes to gastronomic matters, Hubby and I get extremely delighted with dining places that meet  two significant criteria:

                                  1) Able to satisfy our appetite really well  
                                  2) So affordable that we can eat there everyday

MACKY'S, one of the famous eateries in our beloved Marikina City, is all that and more. We've actually dined there for countless times already and I don't think we'll ever get tired of such place.


Ok, the eatery itself seems like an old establishment to me, doesn't look fancy at all. In fact, it could get very  humid inside especially when all the tables are occupied.  But I believe the taste of the food served greatly makes up for the lack of aircon, or the crowded space, or whatever it is that could cause inconvenience to discriminating customers. Simply put, Macky's offers simple and yet oh-so-great food to every stomach's delight.

GOTO or beef tripe congee, a popular Filipino fare, is the eatery's specialty. Macky's version of this filling treat has generous portions of actual beef, not beef tripe, plus solidified pork blood (betamax in the local vernacular) and green onions which make it tastier. A certified best-seller indeed! Its price? Php25 only, yeah that cheap.^^


Another best-seller is TOKWA'T BABOY, a dish comprised of deep-fried (hence crunchy) pork and tofu with spiced vinegar and onion. I think people rarely buy Goto without buying this dish too.:) It costs Php30 only.:)

Tokwa't Baboy (Translation: Tofu and Pork)

Aside from Goto and Tokwa't Baboy, one can also find on Macky's menu Sandwiches (Burger, Hotdog sandwich etc), Sweet Treats such as Mais con Hielo and Halu-halo, Spaghetti, Palabok and many more. The best thing is that everything is priced at Php50 and below. That's just around $1.23.:)

Macky's is truly one place in Marikina which Hubby and I take pride in. When our French friend Claire came to visit us, we inevitably included the eatery in our itinerary so she could have a taste of Pinoy food.

Our French friend CLAIRE
and another "foreigner" ('cause she's from San Mateo LOL), REINA.
Ready to fill their tummies after a tiring day tour.:)

The Hubby and I.
See how sweaty we were when this photo was taken?
Never mind, the food's good.:)
Just to share a lil story behind this "wacky" photo,
I was planning to do something naughty, that's to cover Donald's face
but I failed because the camera clicked too soon.
Better luck next time, LOL.

Macky's is located at J.P. Rizal St., San Roque, Marikina City. To get there, one can ride a jeepney going to Calumpang and get off before Our Lady of the Abandoned Church and Kapitan Moy. Or just walk towards the place if one is coming from an area already near Marikina Bridge. It is actually a perfect way to get oneself hungry in preparation for a delightful dining experience haha.

Is anybody craving for Goto and Tokwa't Baboy now?:D


  1. I always thought all goto tastes the same, plain and bland... and that was before I had Macky's the best tasting goto I ever had (so far) hehe
    thanks ate Golda and kuya Donald for showing me this place :)
    -'marikina tourist' Reina

  2. REINA is another foreigner so funny haha
    French girl is so beautiful
    The coupe are so sweet!!!From Yao

    1. Haha thanks for the comments!:D Next time, we'll have you taste Macky's goto and tokwa't baboy too.:DDD

  3. thankyou for your nice comments! try to visit again next time! thanks!! -mackys goto owner

  4. I accidentally deleted a comment from an anonymous person who was not very happy about the crooked edges of the bowl as seen in the photo above, thus relating it to the eatery's poor presentation. Sorry about the deletion, twas unintentional.

    Anyway, my reply to that is this - Macky's is just an ordinary next door carinderia so personally, I can't really expect much from their tableware. Anyway, I really did not mind because the bowl was clean and the food was great!:D

    I am not in any way connected with Macky's and that's just my 2 cents teehee :D


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