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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Human Nature Bamboo Body Scrub

This humid Saturday night, before I take my evening bath this humid Saturday night, I'm putting into spotlight one of my newest bath buddies ---- Human Nature's Bamboo Body Scrub!

This is what the product claims, as stated at the back of its packaging. 

This is how the product look against my skin. See the scrubs and black rice?:)

Ok, so here's my two cents on Human Nature's Bamboo Body Scrub. 

FEEL: The scrubs combined with the rich creamy base make up a luxurious all-natural body product that is gentle and safe on skin but exfoliates really well. After bathing, my skin feels tight and smooth. 

SMELL: Honestly, I am not very partial to vanilla scent. It makes me a lil dizzy haha. At the beginning, it was unfortunate for me because this product comes in Vanilla Paradise scent only. I must admit though that the aroma isn't overpowering so I believe I'm starting to get used to it. But I still hope that new scents will be introduced in the future (paging Human Nature ^^).

PRICE: Reasonable. A 50 gram tube costs only P129.75, while a 200 gram tube costs P349.75. The price could still go lower if there's a promo.:)

DOWNSIDE: I find it so irresistible that I sometimes use it 2-3 days in a row, only to finally gain self-control and remind myself that everyday exfoliation is not good for the skin! Haha.:)

Overall, I would recommend Human Nature's Bamboo Body Scrub to anyone who'd like to have revitalized skin minus the harmful chemicals.:)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bataan Getaway: Vista Venice Resorts

One of the famous provinces in the Philippines is Bataan. During World War II, it has become witness to the valiant battle of Filipino-American soldiers against the Japanese Imperial Army. The soldiers' unfortunate fall led to the so-called Bataan Death March. Despite the defeat, such horrific event in the country's history nevertheless highlights the courage and sacrifice of these Filipinos and their American comrades, all in the name of the much-coveted freedom.

Anyway,  my fondest memory of Bataan is  that it's the place where I've lived the first 4 1/2 years of my existence. After which, my family transferred to our current residence in Marikina for good.  Since then, I probably have been back there for just once or twice but I could vaguely remember such visits.

Now that I'm much older ^^, I'm more than ready to create brand new memories of Bataan. And maybe I could start by having a relaxing vacation in VISTA VENICE, a 12-hectare nature resort  located in the eastern part of the said province.  

A few days ago, a friend of mine introduced me to VISTA VENICE and made me feast my eyes on the breathtaking photos of its pools, jacuzzis and a whole lot more exciting facilities.

Let me share with you the gallery that easily convinced me to consider VISTA VENICE as my next getaway destination. Enjoy!:)

VISTA VENICE has two big pools plus a brand new infinity pool for day and night swimming.

Relaxing Jacuzzi

Fully Air-conditioned Rooms

Culinary Herb Garden

VISTA VENICE's AL FRESCO RESTAURANT takes pride in dishes that are deliciously influenced by Northern and Southern Luzon cuisine.

VISTA VENICE's ETHNIC FILIPINO INSPIRED BAR offers cocktails mixed with Pinoy serbesa. lambanog, tuba, paumbong and others.

Now the question is, when would I finally step into this little piece of paradise? If I were to have my way, it would be soon. Very soon.:) So TIME, please be good to me.:D

For more details on VISTA VENICE, one may call Mobile: 0943-3365426/ 0927-5726382 or visit its Main Office at Rm. M07 Prince Jun Condominium, No. 42 Timog Ave., Quezon City.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Day After the Accident

Before any reader starts freaking out, I'd like to start by emphasizing that the person involved in the accident is fine now, except for the fact that his wounds are still painful but no broken bones or anything worse than that.:)

On with the story.

Yesterday, my already hectic afternoon at the office was further rattled by an SMS I received from the Hubby saying that "Tito" got hit by a speeding motorcycle while walking on the pedestrian lane just outside our subdivision. The Hubby who followed my mom to the nearby hospital to assist in tending my injured uncle was obviously furious at the 24-year old offender who's not even from our City. @_@

It's the first time that someone from our household has figured in a road accident. So right there and then, I formed an evil image of the offender and all sorts of questions came into my mind such as HOW CAN THE DRIVER BE SO RECKLESS? HOW THE HELL CAN SOMEONE NOT RESPECT THE PEDESTRIAN LANE?  

After work, I rushed to the hospital and saw the offender in flesh. Huh! Good thing he did not attempt to escape or else...(Then again, how could he? His motorcycle was immediately confiscated by our City's traffic division Boys! Kudos to them, to Marikina Rescue 161 and most especially to passers-by/neighbors who quickly responded to the situation and extended much needed help) Anyway, I didn't utter a single word but shot him a nasty nasty nasty look. I then proceeded to check on my uncle who, thank God, was in a condition way better than I imagined. 

After several tests in the hospital, next up was the settlement at the police station. My uncle did not press charges anymore out of pity and in the spirit of forgiveness. However, the offender was made to shoulder the financial damage.

To cut the story short, we were able to go home after a long day. We rode the jeepney home not knowing that we would meet another "accident" - the tire right under our seats suddenly exploded in the middle of the road!!! Another good thing for that fateful day though, the vehicle was being driven at low speed so it maintained its balance and all the passengers were able to alight unharmed. I couldn't thank God enough for sparing us. I don't think I'd be able to take two road accidents in a day!@_@

I know my uncle's accident yesterday is nothing compared to those which resulted to heavy bloodshed, paralysis, or even death. But still, accident however petty, is something that nobody would want to wish for, right? 

Yes I am ranting because I have a little hangover but at the end of the day, I guess it's also nice to see the silver linings of it all. To name a few:

1. I am amazed with how "in-laws", despite the fact that they're not blood-related, can truly be a family supporting each other in times of adversity. Case in point: My uncle is actually my mom's brother-in-law. My Hubby is an "in-law" to both my mom and uncle. And they were the ones who were together during the accident (I got into the picture only towards the end :)) An awwwwwww moment indeed!

2. To be fair to the offender, he seemed apologetic to my uncle, and even to my mom. He did not talk to me and Hubby, probably out of fear because we were the ones who maintained an unfriendly aura until the end. I would like to assume that the unexpected nice treatment from my uncle, despite what happened, had taken its toll on him. I do wish he would always remember the incident and always tread the road (literally and figuratively) with utmost care. But most especially, I wish he'd pay it forward and exhibit kindness to other people as well.

3. Recalling my mom's account on how people helped in making the rescue possible, I can't help but think that yeah, "bayanihan" is still existent.

4. God loves us so much that He gave this wake-up call to us. It made us realize that anything can happen in an instant so we should always be ready to face Him. Need I say more? 

I am quite happy with all the silver linings but going back to road accidents, I still wish to emphasize something. It's up to anybody to agree with me but I'm telling it anyway.

Roads are not made solely for vehicles, these wheeled things should not reign supreme over people. Lack of respect for pedestrian lanes is lack of respect for humanity!

End of my sharing.:)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Stone is MySelf: A Retro Post

Here's another RETRO-POST which was first published in my "goldabidz" blog last Sept. 25, 2007. I'm thinking, maybe this had to be created, this had to come into existence so that 6 years after, in one of my not-so-perky moments like tonight, I would have something to relate to. Excuse me then, I will let my younger and seemingly more profound self "speak" for now.

Stone and Self... Quote Explained


For some time now, these words have occupied the shout out box in my Friendster account: "The World is an Unknowing Witness to the Merging of the Stone and Self"

Now, what does this seemingly profound thought really means? For starters, let me define the terms in the context of my experience.

WORLD All the people around me, who know me, have chanced upon me in one way or

another- family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, enemies, etc.

UNKNOWING "not aware of" OR could also be "insensitive to"

WITNESS one who has personal knowledge of something (from Merriam-Webster),
one who has seen, heard, or encountered something

MERGING becoming one, being the same

SELF that's me

STONE being numb, unfeeling, indifferent, hardened....just like the stone

Now that I have defined the terms, I hope you now have an idea of what the quote really means. If it's still a blur, let me put it bluntly...

In life, I always encounter hardships, sufferings, predicaments or watchamacalit, and most of the time, I'm able to survive them through my defense mechanism, which is numbness. It is such an art I've mastered that whenever I feel like giving up, my system almost automatically sets aside (and then I become apathetic to) the unpleasant things and gives way to the ones which are not so upsetting to me. That is why I still manage to wear a huge smile on my face despite all the odds.

Yes, that mask of happiness... that mask which people see, or choose to see, in me but not everyone knows that once in a while, chaos and misery lurk behind it... Oh well, I couldn't care less, actually, I would still want people to perceive me as someone always in high spirit, someone who is cheerful and contented. Never mind if they just remain as "Unknowing Witnesses" every time the "Self" starts to merge with the "Stone"...