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Monday, May 27, 2013

Human Nature Smoothing Hair Serum

Here's review on yet another organic* product - Human Nature Smoothing Hair Serum.

My encounter with this bottle of smoothing hair serum was merely accidental as I was really intent on purchasing Human Nature Intensive Hair Mask. However, my friendly HM distributor gave me the wrong order but since the product's also intended for hair, I decided to take and test it anyway.

The claim as stated on Human Nature's website:                                                                                                     
"This day and night wonder has a light, silicone-free formula that penetrates each strand to give you a frizz-free sheen and natural protection from damaging elements during the day. At night, use as a leave-on treatment to allow soybean, broccoli, and sunflower oils to deeply nourish your hair as you sleep – to bring back its natural healthy state!"

Ok, let's see.:)

At a glance, the serum looks very much like Human Nature Sunflower Oil so initially, I imagined it to be oily and feared it would do no good to my already limp crowning glory. But the moment I pumped the serum out of the bottle, I immediately noticed the lightness of the formula, much more fluid than the sunflower oil and it's not greasy at all.

After the initial application, the frizz on my "loopsy" hair dramatically disappeared. I did feel  the product weighing my hair down but not to the point of becoming heavy. 'Twas just right, I should say. I noticed that my hair became shinier and my loops, defined. 

I haven't had the chance to test Human Nature Smoothing Hair Serum though during an extremely humid weather so I am not sure if its effect on my loops would be just as beautiful as shown in the photo above. However, I am positive that the product would still do wonders on my hair in any condition since it's infused with nourishing goodness of nature.

The scent of the serum reminds me of cherries, I dunno why haha. My discriminating nose likes it.:)

A 50ml bottle is priced at 249.75 which I think is a bit pricey for hair serum. But imagining the usual thick and sticky serums in the market which don't really work on me, I don't have any regrets that I picked, though unwittingly, Human Nature Smoothing Hair Serum.:)

BONUS Beauty Tip from Human Nature's Website:Build the day and night hair serum habit!During the day, hair is subject to heat, pollution and other environmental stress that could damage it. Give your locks the proper protection by smoothing on the hair serum before you leave the house. Complete your routine by letting your hair soak all the goodness of soybean, broccoli and sunflower oils at night, while you sleep to help restore your hair’s healthy state.

HUMAN NATURE products can be purchased online via www.humanheartnature.com or through accredited dealers.:)

* Please refer to the comment I posted on Oct. 19, 2014 for some clarification made by Human Nature,


  1. I haven't try this yet. I do love Sunflower Beauty Oil. :)

    1. Yup, both products are great!:) You should try the serum soon.:D

      Thanks for dropping by my page!:D

  2. Hi, please join my giveaway =)) loisbaguio.blogspot.com/2013/05/june-giveaways.html

    1. Thanks for the invite.:) Joined your giveaway, hope I win!:D

  3. Hi, if you apply it during the day, does it mean that all pollutants stick to it? Here's my twitter i'd love to hear ur advise thanks!

    1. Hi! Sorry, I can't seem to find your twitter link. Anyway, I'll just reply here.:)

      To be able to give you really credible answer, I forwarded your question to Human Nature and this is what I was told:

      " When applied sparingly to dry hair (remember, half a drop goes a long way!), our Hair Serum is formulated to be easily absorbed by the hair without leaving a greasy or sticky feel. Pollutants will easily stick to the hair if it's damp or wet, so do make sure your hair is completely dry before applying it.

      Our hair serum is full of natural vitamins and antioxidants which actually help protect the hair from the effect of pollutants, heat, and stress that your locks are exposed to daily."

      Hope that helps!:)

  4. It's not organic :) There is a thin line between NATURAL and ORGANIC

    Natural based = It uses plants and natural minerals which were grown using CHEMICAL FERTILIZERS and PESTICIDES.

    Example: Eating beef wherein a cow was fed using CHEMICAL feeds.

    Organic based = It uses plants and natural minerals which were grown using NATURAL FERTILIZERS and traditional methods.

    Example: Eating beef wherein the cow was fed using wild GRASS.

    Even though it's not organic, it's a great product for our lovely hair.

    1. Thank you for your insights.:D

      Just to clarify, I asked Human Nature to give feedback on your comment and this is what they had to say...no more, no less.:D

      All our products are genuinely natural AND are 100% free from harmful chemicals. What this means is that even though sometimes chemicals are involved in any part of the process of making some of the products (e.g. growing, harvesting, manufacturing, etc.), they pose no harm to both your health and to the environment when consumed, disposed of, or during any part of the process of making the product.

      At Human Nature, we uphold strict standards as to what constitutes as genuinely natural, starting from the raw materials we source. Aside from all of them being accredited by Ecocert (an organic certification organization based in France -> http://www.ecocert.com/en), we see to it that all raw materials can be grown in the Philippines, staying true to being a Pro-Philippines company.

      We also require up to 10 documents from our suppliers (versus the industry's usual 3 documents) to really make sure of the authenticity of the natural ingredients as well as to verify if the manufacturing processes involved don't harm animals and the environment. One example of this is our practice of not using palm-derived natural ingredients unless they are a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (http://www.rspo.org/) since some methods of harvesting palm oil can lead to deforestation and violations against animal welfare.

      Also, back in 2011, we were certified by PETA as a cruelty-free cosmetic brand. You can check it out at PETA's official site: http://goo.gl/NqxqUG.

      On top of that, before releasing them, all our products are subjected to dermal patch tests accredited by the Philippine cosmetic industry, specifically Dra. Gertrude Chan. We also don't release them if they don't meet the requirements by the Food and Drug Authority. Aside from that, we ourselves have very strict standards when it comes to our own products. We don't release any product that doesn't pass all tests that prove it curbs allergic or any other adverse reaction when applied or consumed.

      It's a bit of a lengthy answer but I hope this helps you in responding to the comment. (Also, tidbit: Our Bug Shield Oil & Lotion are 100% organic! :D)


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