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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Penguin Polvoron Cupcake from Double Delights

I have never felt so guilty eating sweets until I encountered this Santa Penguin Polvoron Cupcake from Double DelightsAnd it's not even because I am watching my weight or some doctor advised me to stay away from sugar, it's only because I find it too cute for consumption! :) Nevertheless, I was not able to resist it.LOL

See! Santa Penguin seems to be begging
not to be eaten T_T

Now, let's dissect this cutie patootie dessert.:) Its main part is polvoron, a common Filipino dessert created out of toasted flour, powdered milk, butter and sugar mixed together and then molded into various shapes, round and oval being the most common. Double Delights made it possible for the polvoron to take the shape of a cupcake. White chocolate covers the upper half of the polvoron and a penguin sugar topper completes the sweet delight.

When I finally had this in my hands, I faced one dilemma ---> How to begin eating this thing? 

I decided to start from bottom to top, using the penguin topper as a handle. Surprisingly, its sweetness was just right. I actually expected it to be very saccharine but I was mistaken. Moreover, even with the white chocolate, I was still able to enjoy the distinct toasted taste of polvoron

After consuming the polvoron and the white chocolate, I took a quick look at the pitiful penguin and started biting off its head. I did not allow myself to be swayed with my emotions any further. LOL.

And that's the end of the Santa Penguin Polvoron Cupcake.:) I still feel guilty remembering Santa Penguin but I must admit, 'twas a wonderful dessert experience.:)

Post Christmas Chow: Fried Lobster Crackers

During celebrations such as Christmas, I often get overwhelmed with the variety of food on the table that I end up eating very little. Days after when hunger strikes but all the gastronomic goodies are gone, that's when I go back to the classic chows that never fail to tickle my tastebuds.

Take this super simple snack for example. Tadaaaah...FRIED LOBSTER CRACKERS with Cucumber-Vinegar Dip. 

This particular type of munchies is not the usual ready-to-eat stuff. The crackers begin as pellets and then popped by frying in hot oil. Packs of these pellets can be purchased in nearby groceries and also come in other flavors such as prawn and onion.

I literally devoured the lobster crackers just this afternoon, two days after Christmas.:) I could say that the snack, though already flavorful, was made even yummier with the Cucumber-Vinegar Dip that the Hubby concocted. Let me share with you how he did this refreshing (hello cucumber!:D) condiment for fried (even grilled) bites.:)


1 small cucumber, diced
3 tbsp salt
3 tbsp brown sugar
1 tsp pepper
1/2 cup vinegar

1. Coat diced cucumber with salt.
2. Add brown sugar and pepper to the salted cucumber.
3. Pour in vinegar to the mixture.
4. Mix and enjoy!

The measurement for each ingredient is actually adjustable, depending on your taste. But ideally, the ratio of salt and brown sugar is 1:1. 

While eating, I could not help but scoop some of the cucumber pieces rather than plainly dip the lobster crackers into the vinegar. To my delight, the various flavors (sweet, salty, sour and peppery) have been absorbed by the cucumber well.

This super simple snack cost me just a little over P40 (including the cracker pellets and the ingredients for the dip) or less than $1. Not bad huh!

Go and try some!:)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

And the Winner of the "12 Treats for a Pretty Princess" Giveaway Promo Is....

My first GIVEAWAY PROMO (well, at least for this new blog) finally comes to a close and I'm very much excited to know who will be adopting 12 of my beloved Etude House items. 

So dearies, let me excuse myself so I can carry on with the raffle draw. ^^


I now have the result in my hand. A bit of disclaimer though, it was the Hubby who picked the winner, not yours truly. LOL.

Anyway, let's continue.:)

And the Pretty Princess who gets to take home Etude House treats is....

She followed this blog via Google Friend Connect and Networked Blogs.

Congratulations ZANDRA! Please send your address and contact number to goldabidz@gmail.com. Hope I have made your Christmas a little bit merrier!:)

To everyone who joined, MANY THANKS from the bottom of my heart. Your support has definitely made me extremely happy. Merry Christmas indeed!^^

Til my next blog giveaway!:)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

2013 Planner Makeover

One of the many things that get me excited as each year comes to a close is the thought of having a new planner!:) I may be weird to some but I just find it thrilling to fill up blank pages of a planner with schedule of events, activities and tons of things to do. And because I have the tendency to be very detailed, monthly and weekly planners don't work for me. It has to be one-page-a-day type, otherwise it won't have any function for me at all.:)

One problem though, most of the "functional" (well, to my standards) planners in the market nowadays carry the classic look that does not really reflect my personality. To state it bluntly, they are simply boooooring!

So in preparation for 2013, I still got myself a classic planner but decided to give it a little makeover. Scrap art materials were utilized, hence making my project eco-friendly.:)

With the help of my trusty glue gun, I spent barely 30 minutes turning this ho-hum baby

into something more colorful and feminine! Plus I made sure my name's on it for clear ownership teeheee.:)

With the new cover, I am all the more eager to put this planner into good use!:) 

Yeah 2013, let's get it on!

UPDATE (February 20, 2013)

Sometimes, I just can't stop updating my craft designs.:) Take this planner for example. I had a spare photo lying around and didn't know what to do with it until the idea of putting it on the planner cover struck me. Now it looks like this and my sister is pissed off because for her it seems very narcissistic HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!:D As for me, well, I like it HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!:D

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Beautiful Painting of '"CHRISTMAS"

Five years ago, I scribbled this piece. 
Fast forward to this very moment...          
I believe that every single word still holds true. 

My Beautiful Painting of "CHRISTMAS"

Christmas, Yuletide, Season of Cheer and Love, or whatever people may call it, is definitely my favorite time of the year.

For starters, my natal day falls on the 25th of December, technically I could be the twin sis of Jesus, it's just that we were born generations away. Kidding!:)

Seriously though, during this time, it seems that everyone inevitably gets infected with the happy mood syndrome, exchanging pleasantries even with strangers suddenly gets possible, the world becomes kinder and more considerate; generosity heightens as more people put into practice the saying "It's better to give than to receive"; most bosses even become a little more lenient, permitting extended vacation leaves to give chance to employees to spend more time with their respective families and loved ones.

The coldness in the air, hmmm...makes one shiver but it turns out to be one perfect excuse for putting on those jackets, sweaters and other cold-buster apparel that have been kept away during the hot summertime, and not to mention, excuse as well for hugging loved ones oh-so tightly.:)

Everywhere, there's a splash of color that brightens every nook and cranny...And the decors, be it as magnificent as a King's palace or as simple as the manger in Bethlehem, never fail to please every gaze that falls into their direction.

And as radios play the Christmas carols, voices all over the world simultaneously sing in perfect harmony the message of peace, joy and love.

These and more complete my beautiful painting of Christmas.

Yes, I know I am being too ideal. In reality, the countless harsh and seemingly hopeless situations encountered everyday, especially poverty, compel many to perceive Christmas as mere fantasy which can never be realized.

But then, I strongly believe that by thinking the ideal, by choosing to see the beautiful painting of Christmas in one's mind and heart and actually having faith in it, no predicament can stop anyone from experiencing what Christmas is all about.

After all, the true essence of the season is not really geared towards material things, or physical festivity. More than anything else, Christmas should serve as a reminder of God's ultimate love for mankind that His Son is born to this world so that all may be saved from sin. And along with this ultimate love is a burning hope for everyone that all suffering in life will come to an end eventually.

Christmas is all about finding love and happiness amidst trouble and tribulation.

I then wish everyone would be able to carry a beautiful painting of Christmas in himself.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Blog Giveaway: 12 Treats for a Pretty Princess

December has always been special to me. Well, it is the birth month of Jesus and mine too!:) It is that time of the year when the world seems to be in high spirits, joy and love are very evident despite the inevitable predicaments, and people actually share whatever they could to others. Such a wonderful season, no?

In celebration of this happy month, I am holding my first blog giveaway (well, for this new blog). YEY!

The following items are from my Etude House cosmetic collection which I rarely use.  12 to be exact, like the 12 days of Christmas teeehee. Some have been used once only for swatching purpose and some, totally unused. As much as I would not want to part with these, my conscience tells me to just give them away to someone who would benefit more from them rather than wait for the inevitable expiration, hence the big waste.  

Before I give the mechanics, here are the items up for grabs.:) If you are not too keen on using pre-loved cosmetics, you might want to have these for swatching or sampling purpose.:) 

Forgive me for the poor photo quality, I couldn't wait for the digital camera anymore (which was somewhere else LOL)  so I just used my good old cellphone. ^^

1. Aloha Cocktail Syrup Nails Kit in Rose Cocktail
Condition: Used Twice only

2-3. Crack Nail Color in Black and Blue
Condition: While these polishes may not be
at their best quality, they have not dried up yet.

4-7. Matte Nail Polishes
Condition: Used only for swatching purpose.
It seems that I'm not very much into matte nails.:)

8-9. Sponge and Lip Brush

10. Proof 10 Eye Primer
Condition: Tested Once

11. Ms. Tangerine Cheek Ball
Condition: Used only for swatching purpose;
Missing puff but any brush can be used for this.

12. Miss Tangerine Lucidarling Fantastic Gradation Eyes
Condition: Used only for swatching purpose.
Seems like orange does not suit me :D


1. Follow me either on Google Friend Connect or Networked Blog, it's your call. Widgets of both can be located at the right panel of the page.  One following is equal to one raffle entry though. So if you want to increase your chances of winning, then follow me on Google Friend Connect as well as Networked Blog. (You may also follow me on Bloglovin but that's just optional.)

2. Leave a message on the comment box below informing that you have followed me already either on Google Friend Connect, Networked Blog, or BOTH. Please advise me also of your username for verification purpose.

3. This contest is open to everyone, as long as you have a valid address here in the Philippines.:D

It's as simple as that!:) 

There will only be one lucky winner who gets to own EVERYTHING.  Raffle draw will be on December 23, 2012. Winner will be announced on the same day.

Prizes will be shipped after Christmas day . Shipping fee is on me, don't worry.:) 

So there!:D I am now excited more than ever to know who will be adopting my beloved babies so join now and good luck!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All!

Before and After ^^

Before I drift off to dreamland (and it's way past my bedtime LOL), let me share with you the transformation that a fellow blogger, CHERRY of My Life Lately, did to an old photo of our beloved departed polar bear, oh I mean, dog ^^ Pikachu aka Chuchu. 


Obviously, the photo became sharper and more vivid. Chuchu's round eyes became more pronounced and the whiteness of his fur became more noticeable. 

Anyway, who would have thought that this adorable and classy looking dog was merely an AsPIn (Asong Pinoy) with no distinct breed?:) 

Now, I miss Chuchu all the more T_T.

Anyway, super thanks to Cherry for inviting me to be part of her Before and After post.:) For more of her amazing works, visit her blog now.:)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hello Ghost: A "You'll-Laugh-Then-Cry" Movie (Spoiler Alert!!!)

I can only count with my fingers the movies with ending that really surprised me. One of these movies is HELLO GHOST.

A South Korean film released in 2010, Hello Ghost is not your typical spooky movie. It is actually a romantic comedy starring Cha Tae-hyun who is also known for his acting prowess in My Sassy Girl.

Photo source: www.dramafans.org

The movie opens with futile attempts of Sang-man (Cha Tae-hyun) to end his life. He tries overdosing on pills and jumping off a bridge but is saved in both instances. He is eventually brought to the hospital and there, he suddenly discovers that he can see ghosts, four of them to be exact - a fat smoker, a crying lady, a hyperactive kid and a pervert old man. Upon his discharge from the hospital, the ghosts follow him back home.

Unable to extract anwer from the ghosts why they would not leave him, Sang-man visits a shaman and is advised that the only way to get rid of the spirits is to help them fulfill their unfinished businesses.

In the course of helping each ghost, Sang-man gets into trouble but he carries on as he badly wants to get rid of them and have his normal lfe back. But the silver lining of it all is that the ghosts inevitably open opportunities for him to get closer with nurse Jung Yun-soo (Kang Ye-won) whom he met back at the hospital and fell in love with.

A subpart of the movie is about Yun-soo and her father who is also a patient in the same hospital where she works. It becomes apparent as the movie progresses that she despises her father for a certain reason. Yun-soo's father eventually dies and he lets himself be seen by Sang-man (so that makes him the 5th ghost that Sang-man encounters in the movie). He asks Sang-man to deliver a message to his daughter and inform her about the gift that he has hidden in one of the hospital's nooks.

Sang-man relays the message to Yun-soo but she reacts negatively towards him. At one point though, Yun-soo discovers her father's gift and then realizes that Sang-man is not merely playing with her emotions.

On the other hand, Sang-man harbors a feeling of rejection and he blames the ghosts for it. He demands them to go away since he is already done helping them fulfill their desires. This time, the ghosts relent and finally disappear. 

With his life now back to normal, Sang-man goes to the hospital and asks Yun-soo to  eat lunch with him. She accepts the invitation.  Over lunch of gimbap, they discuss about a patient who recently died and how he lost his memory due to extreme trauma. Out of the blue, Yun-soo asks Sang-man something about the way he prepared the food  and he remembers his mother who taught him just that.

Suddenly, Sang-man stops eating and this is where the movie transforms into a real tearjerker. Sang-man experiences an intense memory surge and then he reminisces everything that has happened leading to the accident which claimed the lives of his family members. The movie then reveals that he is the sole survivor of a car crash.

The fat smoker is actually his father. The crying lady is his mother. The hyperactive kid is his "hyung", or older brother and the pervert old man is his grandfather. 

Sang-man goes back to his apartment and demands for the ghosts to return. The ghosts reappear and what is then seen onscreen is a moving and  heart tugging reunion of Sang-man with his family. It is made clear in such scene that his family has never left him. They are always present, though unseen, to guide Sang-man in each stage of his life. Alarmed with Sang-man's suicide attempts, it is disclosed in the end that the ones who actually made the move to stop him from meeting death are these ghosts, a.k.a his family.


Call me crazy but I have seen this movie quite a number of times already and I still feel my heart constrict every time. 

I recommend this movie to everyone especially to those in search for a surprising movie (well not surprising anymore because of this spoiler LOL, but you'll love it still :D) and more importantly, full of life lessons. 

I guarantee that HELLO GHOST will leave viewers appreciative of their families and of love, more than ever.

Breakfast Spam Sushi/Gimbap: An Edible Experiment

This easy-to-do dish came about one fine July morning in HK. Hubby (whom I was visiting then) and I were both lazy to go out and eat somewhere so we just rummaged through the items we bought from ParknShop the night before and decided to just fry some Spam. We initially thought of having some seaweed sheets for our side dish but my creative juice just flowed so we ended up having some "Spam Sushi" (or could be "Spam Gimbap" too) for breakfast.:)

For a dish so simple, we enjoyed the process of doing it, as well as the taste. The saltiness of the seaweed sheet and meat loaf was balanced by the blandness of rice so everything just went together perfectly.:)



Fried meatloaf
Newly cooked rice
Seaweed sheets


Put some rice and a piece of meatloaf on one side of the seaweed sheet.

Fold the seaweed sheet in half, covering the rest of the ingredients.

Carefully pick the entire thing with chopsticks.


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Boracay + Howie D. of Backstreet Boys = Fantastic Workcation

Just a few minutes ago, I was browsing through my old files and I caught sight of this particular folder with photos of an unforgettable "workcation" (work plus inevitable vacation) which happened during the last week of September 2008. The experience was so fantastic that I now find myself taking a walk down memory lane.:D

September 23, 2008 (or wait, was it 24? anyway...), my feet first stepped on the dazzling white sands of Boracay

Boracay is one of the small islands in the Philippines which overflow with unspeakable charm and beauty, making it one of the country's popular destinations. Its White Beach, with clear blue skies that seem to reflect in the waters, is among the things that entice a lot of people, locals and tourists alike, to visit it all year round. The ambiance can either be serene or boisterously fun, depending on one's exact location in the island at the moment.:)

The White Beach is divided into 3 stations:
Station 1 is considered as the "high-end" part of the stretch and it is said that sand is at its finest in here.  The hotels too are the posh ones in this area. 

Station 2 is the center for parties with its bars and restaurants. People flock here especially at night to eat, drinks, and well, be merry lol. 

Station 3 has budget accommodations which obviously are less expensive than the ones in Station 1.

My 2 and a half day trip to such paradise was made possible by my former company (<--- click the link and like the page). I would like to emphasize that the primary reason for sending me there was work and not pleasure, oh yeah!:D. I was part of the trio (Hello Dianne and Duds!) who had to accompany special foreign guests and make sure everything's alright during their stay in the island. 

Because of our dear guests, we had to be housed in no less than the luxurious (and quite new then) Discovery Shores located in Station 1. That alone was enough to make my first time in Boracay a fantastic one:


Picturesque facade of Discovery Shores
 Some of the welcome goodies: Waterproof Bag, Souvenir Bracelet and Foot Spa. 
We were also given sunblock, body mist, beach bag, among others.
Our suite.:) 
The bed was so large that the 3 of us were able to fit in comfortably. 
There's Duds at the back, in yellow. That's me 4 years ago in pink 
and Dianne on the phone.:)
                            And this is the wonderful view we're talking about! 
                            I'm not referring to my bare back ok??? LOL!!!!:)        
More of the breathtaking scenery. Never mind Mr.Sun who had us squinting.:)
The relaxing pool and jacuzzi in Discovery Shores --- 
a perfect alternative to those who don't want to bask in the sun just yet.:) 
And yeah, during our stay, we were served with a snack of 
sweetened banana while in the pool.

 My tastebuds were just as happy as I was during that "workcation" because of these and more!

Welcome treat from Discovery Shores Boracay.
On the second day, a staff brought to our suite 
this too-beautiful-to-be-eaten leche flan.
We ate it anyway haha.
Our drinks during the day from our hotel. 
And our munchies at night bought at a food station in Station 2.

And the best part of the whole experience?

(UP MUSIC: Quit playing games with my heart, with my heart, with my heart. I should have known from the start...lalala baby...)

HOWIE D. of BACKSTREET BOYS!:) With his wife LEIGH.:) Yeah! He came to the Philippines to promote the single "I'll Be There", a duet with Pop Princess (or better yet, Queen) Sarah Geronimo from her album "Just Me". Part of his itinerary was to see what has once been acclaimed as "Best Island in the World" by a travel magazine. 

Once upon a time, before the K-POP era, I was one of the zillion fans adoring Backstreet Boys from afar. Little did I know that 12 years after, I would be face to face and actually speaking with one of "the boys". I would have died if it had been Nick Carter though haha. Prior to the meeting, I really thought that I had already outgrown the BSB fanaticism. Apparently, I was mistaken.:)

Fangirls LOL!

But then, as always, a wonderful adventure (especially if it's a "workcation" to begin with) is not without stress and crucial decisions to make from beginning to end. But what I would rather remember now are...the nice things.:D 

And that wraps up my reminiscence for today teeeheee.:D

Monday, November 26, 2012

Quick Al Fresco Dining Experience: Marikina Christmas Celebration 2012

Since the onset of Marikina's  Christmas celebration for 2012, the surrounding areas of the City Hall and Sports Complex have been transformed into a bazaar, carnival (complete with games and rides), and venue for al fresco dining.

Coming from our respective work-related events on a Sunday, Hubby and I decided to unwind a bit and our feet brought us to such brightly lit and activity-laden place. Since we were both tired, we thought of just spending less than an hour there. It was impossible for us to cover everything with our limited time so our unanimous decision was to fill our tummies with some street food. We took a stop at McDonald's Avenue, the street filled with food stalls just across Marikina City Hall and at the side of Sports Complex.  

Most of the stalls had "ihaw-ihaw" or grilled goodies (ordered with or without rice) ranging from chicken intestine to pork belly. 

But there were also other tastebud delights available such as pizza, shawarma, bibingka, puto bumbong, ice cream, siomai, and peanuts.

And the prices? I say, affordable!

Thirst quenchers.:)

We bought dugo/ betamax (pork blood) and isaw (chicken intestine) plus melon juice.

Me grinning by the "ihaw-ihaw" stall.:)
betamax and isaw :)

However the place was so packed with people, there were no available tables and chairs anymore so we just took our food and proceeded to Freedom Park where it's more peaceful, far from the eye-watering smoke.

Sea of people :)
Experience was "bitin", as we say in Pinoy vernacular, so we are definitely going back to try other stuff. My priority is to ride the cable car. I'm so shallow, I know haha.

Photo stolen from the Hubby's collection haha :D I will ask permission, rather inform him, later
that I used his photo for this entry LOL!

The Christmas festivities in Marikina will run until January 15, 2013. :D

Friday, November 23, 2012

SHOEwcasing Marikina Shoe Museum

I am proud of MARIKINA, the city where I have lived for more than 2 decades now. It has gone through dramatic changes (for the better) and yet its colorful culture has not been totally eradicated over time. 

"The Shoe Capital of the Philippines"

Such is the title that the city takes pride in because of its remarkable shoe industry that dates back to year 1887. The industry boomed through the efforts of Don Laureano Guevarra or more popularly known as Kapitan Moy. History states that the captain's initial attempt in shoemaking was brought about by his desire to fix the broken soles of his imported shoes. 

Since then, Marikina has risen to be the biggest shoe manufacturer in the Philippines.  Well, I would agree without hesitation if we're referring to the past years. But now? I'm jut not sure. I heard stories of local shoe brands sourcing their products from China because labor is way cheaper there. Hmmmm, I don't want to stir controversy at this point because I have yet to do some research so I'll just stop talking about this matter haha.

Anyway, fact remains that Marikina is something which I would not trade for any other cities in the country. In fact, when foreign friends (Yao, our Taiwanese brother whom we also visited 2 years ago in Taipei and Frances, a pretty British lady) came to visit 2 weeks ago, I thought what better way to spend the day than to tour the city?:)

Hubby and I planned a full itinerary for our friends and our last stop was the Marikina Footwear Museum. (This may sound absurd but it was actually my first time to enter the museum. Thanks to Yao and Frances, I suddenly had time, rather, took the time to visit it. LOL)

Marikina Footwear Museum , or simply Shoe Museum, is one of the popular sites that has enticed tourists and locals alike  since 2001. It houses a quite big and interesting collection of well, shoes. Notable displays are traditional shoes from all over the world and shoes previously owned by public officials, athletes and celebrities. Yeah, shoes and more shoes. 

The displays on the second floor relive the history of shoemaking in Marikina, including the traditional tools of the trade and the awards received by various Marikeno shoemakers. There is also a life-sized dummy of a woman in the process of making shoes. During our visit, I was actually fooled for a few seconds, I thought it was real haha!

And the highlight of Marikina Shoe Museum? IMELDA'S SHOES

The former First Lady, whose significance in promoting Marikina shoes cannot be denied, has several of her shoes showcased in this museum - 800 out of the 3,0000 pairs she accumulated during the reign of her husband Ferdinand Marcos. Her collection boasts of local brands such as Rustans, Jemelyn's and Marlet, as well international ones namely Ferragamo, Givenchy, Chanel, Christian Dior, Charles Jourdan and Bally. The size 8 1/2 pairs make up a vast array of colors (from pastel to metallic) and kinds (from rugged to classy) that is sure to leave any shoe lover in awe!:) 

It is said that Imelda was given an average of 10 pairs every week by local shoemakers. It's no wonder she was able to amass such collection! One more trivia, she never wore high heels when she was with her late husband Ferdinand. Hmmm.

These are some of the photos which I have taken inside the museum. Yes, picture-taking is very much allowed. Enjoy!:)

Outside the Shoe Museum are giant shoes that double as quirky vehicles haha :D Much to my dismay, the battery of our camera was drained so we had no choice but to use a cellphone to take pictures of Yao and Frances with the giant shoes. As expected, the quality of the photos did not turn out to be that ok but I guess the memories left with them are good enough.:) 

The last photo taken before the camera shut off.

Marikina Footwear Museum is located at J.P. Rizal, Barangay San Roque. It is merely a stone's throw away from Our Lady of the Abandoned Parish and the Sentrong Pangkultura ng Marikina which is actually the ancestral house of Kapitan Moy. It is open everyday  from 8:00 am until 9:00 pm. A minimal fee of P50 is required for admission.

Record holder of The World's Largest Pair of Shoes (to date) with a length of 5.5 m, width of 2.25m and height of 1.83 m. This pair was completed in 2002, thanks to the collaborative effort of various shoemakers in Marikina. (Bravo!) One can find the amazing pair at Riverbanks Mall as the museum cannot accommodate it due to lack of space. 
Early on, Yao and Frances were able to have a clear picture taken with the largest pair of shoes so I guess that makes up for the blurred photos above teeehee :)
Have you ever visited to Marikina Shoe Museum? How was the experience?