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Friday, November 23, 2012

SHOEwcasing Marikina Shoe Museum

I am proud of MARIKINA, the city where I have lived for more than 2 decades now. It has gone through dramatic changes (for the better) and yet its colorful culture has not been totally eradicated over time. 

"The Shoe Capital of the Philippines"

Such is the title that the city takes pride in because of its remarkable shoe industry that dates back to year 1887. The industry boomed through the efforts of Don Laureano Guevarra or more popularly known as Kapitan Moy. History states that the captain's initial attempt in shoemaking was brought about by his desire to fix the broken soles of his imported shoes. 

Since then, Marikina has risen to be the biggest shoe manufacturer in the Philippines.  Well, I would agree without hesitation if we're referring to the past years. But now? I'm jut not sure. I heard stories of local shoe brands sourcing their products from China because labor is way cheaper there. Hmmmm, I don't want to stir controversy at this point because I have yet to do some research so I'll just stop talking about this matter haha.

Anyway, fact remains that Marikina is something which I would not trade for any other cities in the country. In fact, when foreign friends (Yao, our Taiwanese brother whom we also visited 2 years ago in Taipei and Frances, a pretty British lady) came to visit 2 weeks ago, I thought what better way to spend the day than to tour the city?:)

Hubby and I planned a full itinerary for our friends and our last stop was the Marikina Footwear Museum. (This may sound absurd but it was actually my first time to enter the museum. Thanks to Yao and Frances, I suddenly had time, rather, took the time to visit it. LOL)

Marikina Footwear Museum , or simply Shoe Museum, is one of the popular sites that has enticed tourists and locals alike  since 2001. It houses a quite big and interesting collection of well, shoes. Notable displays are traditional shoes from all over the world and shoes previously owned by public officials, athletes and celebrities. Yeah, shoes and more shoes. 

The displays on the second floor relive the history of shoemaking in Marikina, including the traditional tools of the trade and the awards received by various Marikeno shoemakers. There is also a life-sized dummy of a woman in the process of making shoes. During our visit, I was actually fooled for a few seconds, I thought it was real haha!

And the highlight of Marikina Shoe Museum? IMELDA'S SHOES

The former First Lady, whose significance in promoting Marikina shoes cannot be denied, has several of her shoes showcased in this museum - 800 out of the 3,0000 pairs she accumulated during the reign of her husband Ferdinand Marcos. Her collection boasts of local brands such as Rustans, Jemelyn's and Marlet, as well international ones namely Ferragamo, Givenchy, Chanel, Christian Dior, Charles Jourdan and Bally. The size 8 1/2 pairs make up a vast array of colors (from pastel to metallic) and kinds (from rugged to classy) that is sure to leave any shoe lover in awe!:) 

It is said that Imelda was given an average of 10 pairs every week by local shoemakers. It's no wonder she was able to amass such collection! One more trivia, she never wore high heels when she was with her late husband Ferdinand. Hmmm.

These are some of the photos which I have taken inside the museum. Yes, picture-taking is very much allowed. Enjoy!:)

Outside the Shoe Museum are giant shoes that double as quirky vehicles haha :D Much to my dismay, the battery of our camera was drained so we had no choice but to use a cellphone to take pictures of Yao and Frances with the giant shoes. As expected, the quality of the photos did not turn out to be that ok but I guess the memories left with them are good enough.:) 

The last photo taken before the camera shut off.

Marikina Footwear Museum is located at J.P. Rizal, Barangay San Roque. It is merely a stone's throw away from Our Lady of the Abandoned Parish and the Sentrong Pangkultura ng Marikina which is actually the ancestral house of Kapitan Moy. It is open everyday  from 8:00 am until 9:00 pm. A minimal fee of P50 is required for admission.

Record holder of The World's Largest Pair of Shoes (to date) with a length of 5.5 m, width of 2.25m and height of 1.83 m. This pair was completed in 2002, thanks to the collaborative effort of various shoemakers in Marikina. (Bravo!) One can find the amazing pair at Riverbanks Mall as the museum cannot accommodate it due to lack of space. 
Early on, Yao and Frances were able to have a clear picture taken with the largest pair of shoes so I guess that makes up for the blurred photos above teeehee :)
Have you ever visited to Marikina Shoe Museum? How was the experience?


  1. Nice post you featured Marikina's heritage very well!

  2. Proud to be MarikeƱo. Nice post. :)

    1. Looking forward to write more about our city!:D See you sa bayan!:DDD

  3. I wish to visit Marikina someday and buy my first pair of shoes!


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