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Monday, June 3, 2013

One Post, Four Dogs! ^^

DOGS? Who doesn't love 'em?:D

Truth is, I am so fond of dogs, so is the rest of the family.:) If our past and present canine pals could speak to each other, I am very confident that they would all agree on how we treat pets so kindly, as if they're truly one of us.:)

I remember, our first pet dog was a golden brown beauty whose real name is Gomaoniga, GOMA for short. I know you'd find her (yeah, dog's a she!) real name weird but it was actually derived combining the first syllables of the names of the Tabid kids (aka my siblings and I). Yeah, we were that possessive haha. A neighbor gave her as a gift which the family graciously accepted. Unfortunately, as of writing time, I couldn't really remember Goma's breed and how long she stayed with us before she rested in peace. Anyway, posthumously, she still holds the record of being our family's first ever dog that made us experience the great responsibility and even greater joy of having a pet.

Fast forward to 1999, a little white mongrel became part of the household. It was at that time that a new family tradition was unintentionally born, that is using the names of POKEMON characters for our pets. Initially we just thought our little white mongrel was as cute as Pikachu, one of the lead characters in that famed cartoon series so we decided to name him as such, CHUCHU for short.

With overflowing love, our little white mongrel grew into an adorable bear with ever gentle disposition.:) We enjoyed Chuchu's company for 9 years.

Pikachu aka CHUCHU; 1999-2008

A year after Chuchu left us, we welcomed a new puppy. And we were back to seeing a golden brown furry friend in our home just like the first time.:) We named the cute little bitch after another pokemon, Bulbasaur. The nickname? BULBY! 

I would have actually suggested that she be named Jiggly Puff, another pokemon, because for me it sounds cuter. Unfortunately, I wasn't home when the name selection took place so my "voice" wasn't heard, oh well!:D

Bulby is very much alive and kicking up to now.:) Half mini pinscher, half pitbull, there's no trace of Chuchu's gentleness in her. Instead, she barks at the faintest scent of people especially beyond the family circle, at the slightest movement or at the softest sound outside our home. It has long been agreed upon that she is the ultimate guard dog.;)

BULBASAUR aka BULBY; 2009 to present

Little did I know that 4 years later, Jiggly Puff would come into existence! Donald, the Hubby (then boyfriend during the time of Chuchu and Bulby's earlier years) accepted an adorable little white furball for us to adopt . (Segue, do we see a trend here? Brown - White - Brown - White :D)

And the name? JIGGLY!:) The pup's officially the first ever pet of the DG Couple (yours truly and Hubby). Jiggly's with us for only 2 weeks but he (yup, another "he") has already endeared not just Donald and I but everyone in our respective families.

Jiggly Puff aka JIGGLY, DG's newest little furball

Initially, my mom did not want us to bring Jiggly home (to my maiden home that is, since the Hubby and I already live 6 doors away) fearing that the ever aggressive Bulby would attack the little puppy but we insisted on doing so. Good thing mom's fear was unfounded! The first time we actually brought Jiggly to my maiden home, Bulby seemed to tame down in the pup's presence. There was not any display of playfulness nor over friendliness in the bitch's part though but we immediately knew Jiggly's not and will never be seen as a threat.:)  UPDATE (6/26/13) Bulby and Jiggly are already friends! They now spend some time playing with each other teehee :DD

Since coming into our lives, Jiggly has become a stress buster for both Donald and I.  Have to control myself though because every time I come home and see the cute little puppy trying to get my attention, wagging his tail and running around as if there's no tomorrow, I have this urge to squeeze him out of gigil haha.:D

Anyway, there's a part in me thinking what if all our pet dogs had existed at just one period in time and had made friends with each other? It would be a riot for sure, a happy riot that is!:D 

Now who doesn't love dogs?:D Well, I do for sure!:D


  1. I love these photos! You're dogs are soooooo cute! I enjoyed reading this post. I love how you and your family treat the pets. :)


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