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Monday, January 28, 2013

Cloud Surprise! --- An Edible Experiment

I am not a good chef...but I intend to be one someday.:) Meantime, I just engage myself in  once in a while edible experiments.:) 

One of those which I created out of the blue is something I call CLOUD SURPRISE - a dumpling wannabe with puffed center that makes it look like those cottony figures in the sky (blame it to my crazy imagination), hence the name. I initially made the dish to, well, "surprise" the Hubby during the first month of our marriage. Though he was already very understanding back then of the fact that I was (and still am) no kitchen expert but I had to exert some effort to fill his tummy at the very least haha.

The technique in doing Cloud Surprise isn't really something new. The way it is prepared is like how most dumplings are done. I am not 100% sure that nobody has ever thought of creating something similar to it since the ingredients are so common. Yet I am somehow commending myself for being able to come up with Cloud Surprise without asking anybody, consulting a cook book or referring to the Net.:D 

Ok so much for the self-praise (sorry folks hihi). Let me just share to you the recipe for CLOUD SURPRISE.


Corned Beef (spicy preferably)
Cheese, cut into small strips
Dumpling wrapper

The measurement for each ingredient is very much adjustable but I usually am able to make around 50 pieces with 100 grams of corned beef and 1/4 block of cheese.


1. On a dumpling wrapper, put corned beef and cheese.

2. Fold the wrapper into four and seal with water.

3. Fry until crispy and golden brown.

Voila, instant appetizer or snack!:) Delicious (the Hubby says so ^^) and easy to prepare!:)



Cheese, sliced according to preferred thickness
Breading, spicy preferably


1. Roll the cheese in breading.

2. Fry until golden brown.



Friday, January 25, 2013

The Search for Maria Clara: The New Generation

Here's another talent search that's sure to open great opportunities for young and talented Filipinas dreaming to be recording stars!

The mechanics of the search is very much like that of American Idol wherein hopefuls just walk in and try to wow the panel of judges with their respective performances. If the judges are impressed, they gain a much-coveted spot in the eliminations. 

There will be several elimination rounds to be held at various PADI'S POINT branches.

The winners of this search will be part of an all-new female performing group to be managed by highly-acclaimed songwriter Mr. Alan Ayque. The girls will be extensively trained and groomed before being launched into the highly competitive world of entertainment. The group will also work on a debut album to be released under Ivory Music.

Maria Clara is the heroine in Noli Me Tangere, the controversial novel of Philippine national hero, Jose Rizal.  In the novel, Maria Clara is portrayed as blessed with utmost beauty and grace, delicately pure but remains to be of virtue --- the ideal Filipina as far as Rizal is concerned. 
However, more than a century has passed since Rizal's time and it seems that Filipinas   have now become tougher, more independent, more confident with their talents and skills, but of course, still beautiful and dignified.^^ Such qualities make up the modern Maria Clara and also define what this new girl group is all about.

THE SEARCH FOR MARIA CLARA is set to kick-off on APRIL 3, 2013 with the first audition to be held at PADI'S ARANETA in Cubao. Those from Visayas and Mindanao will also be given a chance to showcase their singing and dancing prowess via online audition. 

For full details and for more information, please check THE SEARCH FOR MARIA CLARA FB FAN PAGE and follow @Search4MaClara on Twitter.

To all aspiring Maria Claras out there, don't miss this chance. Good luck!:)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil: Battling Rashes,Soothing Skin

A homegrown beauty brand, HUMAN NATURE, takes the Philippines by storm with all-natural cosmetic and skincare products that do wonders not only to the skin but to the environment as well, thanks to ingredients that are biodegradable and acquired from renewable resources. 

In this age when synthetic materials and harmful chemicals abound for the sake of beauty and well-being, Human Nature could be the saving grace for people who want only the good for themselves. ^^

I have been acquainted with the brand since 2011 but I've actually tried it just recently, specifically, December of last year. And now I'm very much eager to share with everyone  my thoughts on one of its best-seller, SUNFLOWER BEAUTY OIL.

Here's the description from Human Nature's website that enticed me to try this product out.
Do you believe in miracles? How about 22 in a single bottle?

Our premium and best-selling Sunflower Beauty Oil is 100% Natural and packed with vitamins A, D & E that help moisturize and nourish your skin to give it that healthy glow -- without any harmful chemicals. It’s so effective and so versatile, the uses are endless! What kind of miracles, you ask? Well for starters it…
1. Softens and lightens underarms

2. Lightens dark under eye circles

3. Lightens darks spots and pimple marks
4. Under eye moisturizer
5. Prevents and diminishes the appearance of stretch marks
6. Softens feet soles, knees and elbows
7. Removes stubborn makeup
8. Overall body moisturizer
9. Moisturizes dry hair ends
10. Softens the cuticles
11. De-frizzes hair
12. Adds shine to dull hair
13. Relieves itching and inflammation caused by insect bites
14. Nourishes and conditions eyelashes
15. Lightens dark lips
16. Soothes skin after shaving
17. Relieves itchy scalp
18. Soothes skin damaged by sunburn
19. Smoothens skin from shaving
20. Helps soothe rashes
21. Helps heal skin infections
22. Hydrates dry patches

Is there anything our Beauty Oil can't do?

A month has already passed since I first got hold of my bottle of Sunflower Oil and here is the "miracle" that I have experienced.:)

Just to give everyone an idea, I have these rashes on my neck which have been bugging me for a year or two now. When the weather gets extremely humid or dry, a patch of my skin becomes really itchy. Sometimes, I can't take it anymore so I scratch and then I end up getting a tiny but unsightly wound. Sorry I don't have a "before" shot as it looks too gross haha but I hope you get the picture. I don't actually know what it is because I haven't gone to the dermatologist yet. I was planning to have it checked before January 2013 ends but because of Human Nature's Sunflower Beauty Oil, I think my trip to the derma will have to take a backseat.:)

Since I started applying the oil on my neck, after shower in the morning and in the evening, the rashes have begun to diminish. But most importantly, I have gone through the cold (and dry!) Christmas season without being troubled by such itchy feeling.

After a month of applying Human Nature's
Sunflower Beauty Oil, the rashes are reduced
to just a little strip on my neck. And this particular 

patch of skin doesn't look too red anymore.

MY VERDICT: I could not tell at this point if HUMAN NATURE'S SUNFLOWER BEAUTY OIL would totally eradicate my rashes but I am very happy with this product because it is indeed effective in soothing my troubled skin.

It is very cheap and economical to use too! A 50ml bottle costs only P129.75 and a 100ml bottle, P249.75. Half a drop goes a long way. Look at how much is left of my 100ml oil after using it twice a day for over a month.:)

I have yet to experience other "miracles" brought about by Human Nature's Sunflower Beauty Oil but I'm pretty sure they are not far-fetched.:)

HUMAN NATURE products can be purchased online via www.humanheartnature.com or through accredited dealers.:)
Have you tried HUMAN NATURE products? Were they effective on you?

Monday, January 7, 2013

New Jobs for YOU this 2013!:)

And I am back with more JOBS so you can start working your way to prosperity this 2013!:) 

Nah, I'm not referring to Steve JOBS lol.
Photo source: www.forbes.com

This listing is courtesy of the recruitment company which I have been helping since last year.

 IT / Technical Requirements

1.       C Developers (14 vacancies) – Location: Ortigas (9), Makati (5), and Quezon City; At least 4-7 years experience in development using C / C#; At least 1 full SDLC experience; Experience in VxWorks, a huge advantage; DAY SHIFT

2.       .Net Developers – Location: QC / Pasig; at least 3 to 5 years experience in software development using.Net; Candidates with experience using Umbraco (CMS) will be prioritized; For QC applicants - willing to work midshift (1pm to 10pm) and be on a project-based contract

3.       Senior Business Analyst – Location: Makati; Must have prior experience in designing solutions frameworks (but with BA expertise); Working experience using Radian6 (social media monitoring tool)

4.       Middleware Administrators – Location: Muntinlupa; Experience in using IBM Websphere or .Net; Has managed / supported clients overseas; Willing to work night shift

5.       PHP Developers (Senior / Lead) – Location: Quezon City; Must have supervisory experience; Willing to work mid-shift (UK hours)

6.       PHP Developers (Junior / Mid) – Location: Quezon City; Must have 2 to 3 years experience; DAY SHIFT

7.       Process Engineer – Location: Ortigas; Must have experience in SCADA, DCS, or PLC; Willing to travel; Willing to work in shifting schedules

8.       SAP FICO Functional Analyst – Location: Makati / Alabang / Cebu; At least 2 years experience as FICO functional analyst

9.       IT Manager (food retail) – Location: Taguig; Extensive IT management experience (lateral only) specializing in POS and system / network management; Extensive project management experience; Not more than 45 years old; Must come from the retail industry (involving POS)

10.      IT Manager (BPO) – Location: Makati; Extensive IT management experience; Must already be a Manager specializing in system and network security; Preferably has prior BPO IT management experience; At least 10 years total experience

BPO Requirements

1.       Customer Service Representatives (agents) – Location: Pasig / Taguig; Must have graduated from High School, or currently in 1st year college; Willing to work night shift

2.       Technical Support Representatives (agents) – Location: Pasig; Willing to work UK hours; Prior BPO experience a huge plus
3.          Portuguese-speaking CSRs – Location: Alabang; Must be a degree holder; Must       possess high-level communication skills in both Portuguese and English; Willing to work shifting schedules (mostly night / late shifts); Foreign applicants will be entertained, but cost for application of working visa and other documents must be shouldered by applicant

4.       French-speaking CSRs – Location: Alabang; Must be a degree holder; Must possess high-level communication skills in both French and English; Willing to work shifting schedules (mostly night / late shifts); Foreign applicants will be entertained, but cost for application of working visa and other documents must be shouldered by applicant; Knowledge and proficiency in Italian is a huge plus, but not required

5.       Outbound Sales Representatives – Location: Alabang; Must be degree holder (college grad); Must have Outbound Sales experience; Willing to work night shift

6.       Inbound Sales Representatives – Location: Makati; Degree not required (undergrads accepted); Prior BPO experience required; Willing to work night shift

Take a quick cartoon break before proceeding teehee!:)
Photo grabbed from Sirona Consulting Blog

Food / Restaurant Requirements

 1.       Research and Development Manager – Location: Taguig; Must come from Restaurant / Fast Food industry; Extensive background in Restaurant Research and Development (product conceptualization and development, costing, preparation, etc.); Already in R&D Managerial capacity for at least 1 year; Not more than 45 years old

2.       Business Development Manager – Location: Taguig; Ideally coming from the Retail / Restaurant / Fast Food industry; Must come from large enterprises only; Extensive and solid background in site selection and acquisition, conducting feasibility studies, developing programs, campaigns, benefits, research, etc. with regards to company business development

3.       Assistant Manager for Materials Management – Location: Taguig; Must come from food/ restaurant or food manufacturing industry; At least 5 to 7 years industry experience with at least 3 years management experience in ALL of the following: procurement, logistics, warehouse operations/management; Must be Asst. Manager or Manager currently

4.       Product Manager – Location: Taguig; Must be a college graduate; Must come from the Restaurant / Fast Food industry (at least 2-3 years); Must come from large enterprises only; Must have 3 years in Product Management with at least 1 year in the same capacity; Exceptional skill in the following: defining and launching products, conducting market and product research, conducting competitor analysis, developing marketing plans to promote new and existing products; Must be willing to travel

Logistics and Distribution

1.       Crewing Manager – Location: Pasay; Must have at least 5 years experience as Crewing Manager; Willing to handle or has handled Fleet Tankers

Sales & Marketing Requirements

1.       Digital Marketing Manager – Location: Makati; Must be in the same capacity, Coming from top advertising firms (McCann Erickson, Lowe, Ace Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy, Publicis, etc.); Projects and accomplishments must have been focused on New Media campaigns (social listening, social media, viral, blogging, etc.)

2.       Sales & Training Officers (Beauty and Personal care industry) – Must be a degree holders (college grad); Fresh grads will be considered; Must have good English communication skills and good looks

3.       Business Development Officer (Beauty and Personal care industry) – Must not have job-hopping background (less than 2 companies in the last 4 years); At least 3-5 years working experience; 3 vacancies

4.       Regional Sales Manager (Construction products) – Location: North Luzon; Must know Ilocano (preferred), Pangasinense, or other northern dialects; Not more than 45 years old, At least 5 years experience handling sales for construction products (cement, piping, etc.)

5.       National Sales Manager – Location: Ortigas; Must have 7 years experience in managing an FMCG company handling Sales, Marketing, and Supply Chain Management

6.       Marketing Manager (Manufacturing industry) – Location: ParaƱaque; 5 years working experience as Marketing Manager; Candidate must have acquired experience from construction or manufacturing (any except PVC pipe manufacturing) companies

7.       Marketing Manager (IT Services) – Location: Ortigas; 5 years working experience as Marketing Manager or higher; Candidate must have acquired experience from IT companies (e-commerce or online services exposure is an advantage)

Take a quick cartoon break before proceeding teehee!:)
Photo grabbed from Sirona Consulting Blog

HR & Admin Requirements

1.       AVP / Manager for Admin – Location: Ortigas; Must have Customer Service & Concierge background from known hotels

2.       Senior HR Manager (Director level) – Location: QC; Must be an HR Generalist (Employee Engagement / Labor Relations, Recruitment, OD, C&B) with at least 10 years managerial working experience (not just supervisory); high preference given to those with MBA degree; Must have managed HR department of companies with more than 1,000 FTEs

Finance, Accounting, and Banking Requirements

1.       Finance Controller – Location: Taguig (Fort); Must come from BPO, or companies with services related to Online Gaming / Online Gambling (i.e. online casinos, sports betting, etc.); Must be a sports fanatic

2.       Mandarin / Fookien-speaking Branch Heads (Banking) – Must come from banking industry and have experience as Branch Head

3.       BPO Finance Director / Controller – Location: Eastwood (QC); Work experience must include extensive exposure in a known BPO company; Extensive experience in Auditing, Controllership (SOX, etc.), and Government/Legal-related Financial Management (PEZA, Taxation, etc.); Must be in a Director or Senior Managerial capacity for at least 5 years; Must come from known BPO or multinational manufacturing company; Willing to work mid shift (UK hours)

4.       Senior Finance and Support Officer / Deputy Finance Manager (Shipping and Logistics company) – Location: Pasay City; Must be CPA, MBA is an advantage; PEX knowledge/Green Belt certified is preferred; More than 5 years experience in management handling general accounting (RTR)/ Accounts payable(PTP)/accounts receivable; Experience using accounting systems;  Must have at least 1-3 years experience in either BPO, Shipping, or other multinational companies

Manufacturing Requirements

1.       Plant Manager – Must have extensive experience in facilities and equipment / machine maintenance management (i.e. boilers, conveyors, line manufacturing equipment)

2.       Warehouse Manager – Must have extensive management experience in logistics, distribution, inventory management, delivery; Must come from manufacturing company

3.       Production Planing & Inventory Control Manager – Location: QC; At least 2 years in Manufacturing or Production Planning and Inventory Control; Must be in the same capacity in current employment; Background experience in GMP (good manufacturing practice)

4.       Research and Development Manager – Location: QC; At least 5 years working experience in all phases of product development; Must have stayed in each job for an average of 3 years each

5.       Product Development Manager – Location: QC; At least 5 years working experience in product formulation, research and development (personal, home, health care products), product performance, efficacy testing; Must have stayed in each job for an average of 3 years each

For interested individuals, please send an email to goldabidz@gmail.com, along with your CV. Thanks and happy hunting!:)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy 2013!

It's a brand new year alright!:) 

Let me share with everyone what my aspiration is for 2013.

This also happens to be my first ever cover photo on Facebook for 2013.
Character courtesy of Happidigee

'Nuff said. I will just strive to let my actions do justice to such words. So help me God.:D