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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Beautiful Painting of '"CHRISTMAS"

Five years ago, I scribbled this piece. 
Fast forward to this very moment...          
I believe that every single word still holds true. 

My Beautiful Painting of "CHRISTMAS"

Christmas, Yuletide, Season of Cheer and Love, or whatever people may call it, is definitely my favorite time of the year.

For starters, my natal day falls on the 25th of December, technically I could be the twin sis of Jesus, it's just that we were born generations away. Kidding!:)

Seriously though, during this time, it seems that everyone inevitably gets infected with the happy mood syndrome, exchanging pleasantries even with strangers suddenly gets possible, the world becomes kinder and more considerate; generosity heightens as more people put into practice the saying "It's better to give than to receive"; most bosses even become a little more lenient, permitting extended vacation leaves to give chance to employees to spend more time with their respective families and loved ones.

The coldness in the air, hmmm...makes one shiver but it turns out to be one perfect excuse for putting on those jackets, sweaters and other cold-buster apparel that have been kept away during the hot summertime, and not to mention, excuse as well for hugging loved ones oh-so tightly.:)

Everywhere, there's a splash of color that brightens every nook and cranny...And the decors, be it as magnificent as a King's palace or as simple as the manger in Bethlehem, never fail to please every gaze that falls into their direction.

And as radios play the Christmas carols, voices all over the world simultaneously sing in perfect harmony the message of peace, joy and love.

These and more complete my beautiful painting of Christmas.

Yes, I know I am being too ideal. In reality, the countless harsh and seemingly hopeless situations encountered everyday, especially poverty, compel many to perceive Christmas as mere fantasy which can never be realized.

But then, I strongly believe that by thinking the ideal, by choosing to see the beautiful painting of Christmas in one's mind and heart and actually having faith in it, no predicament can stop anyone from experiencing what Christmas is all about.

After all, the true essence of the season is not really geared towards material things, or physical festivity. More than anything else, Christmas should serve as a reminder of God's ultimate love for mankind that His Son is born to this world so that all may be saved from sin. And along with this ultimate love is a burning hope for everyone that all suffering in life will come to an end eventually.

Christmas is all about finding love and happiness amidst trouble and tribulation.

I then wish everyone would be able to carry a beautiful painting of Christmas in himself.


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