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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Indie Maxie is Now a Musicale!:)

Having watched a number of plays, participated in amateur stage performances, read some of Shakespeare's masterpieces and attended theater classes, I can somehow claim that I am no stranger to such fine art that is theater.  The closest I have come to "professional" theater though was back in college when I took an elective which paved the way for my involvement in a Dulaang UP production.^^

Theater gives me a certain kind of high, what with characters breathing life to an act with no cuts and retakes plus intense monologues/ dialogues delivered live. The stage never seems to run out of stories to tell, effortlessly weaving threads of reality and fantasy.

In the recent years however, the theater aficionado in me slowly entered dormancy due to pursuit of other passions and interests.

But last Friday, I was vigorously roused from such quiescence state when I found myself at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) to grace the kick-off event of Maxie The Musicale: Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros.

Based on the award-winning independent film "Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros", the story is summarized as follows:
An effeminate, adolescent boy Maxie grows up in the slums of Manila and is deeply loyal to his family of petty thieves. His world revolves around taking care of his father Paco and two brothers Bogs and Boy, who love and protect him. When Maxie meets a young, handsome, and idealistic policeman Victor, the two quickly form a friendship and Maxie begins to realize that he can have a better life, which soon incurs the ire and disapproval of Maxie’s family. Torn between his emerging affection for Victor and unquestioning devotion to his father and brothers, “Maxie The Musical” is a tale of lost innocence and redemption amidst poverty and corruption.                               
(courtesy of Bit by Bit Company)

The event last Friday was merely a teaser, a "patikim nang shlight". Thus, only selected scenes were showcased through songs and oral interpretation (hello pink folders :D) by performers who weren't necessarily the ones partaking in the actual musical to be staged from November 9 to December 8, 2013 at PETA Theater Center in New Manila Q.C.

Here's a video of one of the performances. NOT YET PERFECT, yes, but still cool just like that.:)

It is too soon to make a comprehensive review on Maxie the Musicale since it is still a work in progress. Rehearsals are still ongoing and there stands the possibility of revision even for the acts/ songs already shown during the kick-off, as told during the Q&A portion with the producers and the artistic team.

PRODUCED by Bit by Bit Company
in cooperation with the PETA Theater Center and the Cultural Center of the Philippines

BOOK AND LYRICS by Nicolas B. Pichay

MUSIC by William Manzano, Arkel Mendoza, and JJ Pimpinio
 by Dexter M. Santos

But surely, what I have witnessed last Friday at the CCP left me wanting for MORE.

Now I want to hear more of the catchy melodies laden with lyrics both heart tugging and mind stirring...see more of the comical antics of the actors...ponder EVEN MORE on the existing issues that today's society of either shuns or bravely faces.

It is interesting to note that the lead actor of Maxie The Musicale, 14-year old Jayvhot Galang, is a theater freshie who did not audition for the musical, well initially. Instead, he was pursued after being discovered in a noontime show where he appeared as a game contestant. His casting was a case of "you're-perfect-for-the-role-so-we-had-to-go-find-you.^^ 

During the kick-off, Jayvhot aka Maxie only went onstage during the closing performance. My outright observations: His looks did not disappoint as he's what I imagined Maxie to be. His voice proved to have a lot of potential. Though it's true that he still has a lot to unleash, I am so positive that he's already taken the first step to becoming the next theater star.

Hubby and I spotted "Maxie" outside CCP with his family waiting for a cab. ^^

Indeed a must-see, I bet "Maxie the Musical, Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros" would be the gayest (no pun intended!) musicale of the year!

For ticket info and other details, visit Maxie The Musicale Facebook page.

Special thanks to Mr. Nick Guila of Bit by Bit for partnering with PTV.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Kitaro Sushi: Japanese Food, Anyone?

Spotlight is on ...KITARO SUSHI!

As the name suggests, it is a restaurant serving fares from the Land of the Rising Sun such as tempura, ramen, sashimi, and of course sushi.

Recently, Hubby and I dropped by one of KITARO's branches (@Emerald Avenue, Ortigas) to satisfy our craving for Japanese cuisine.

There were only a few diners at that time but since it's not fast food, we had to wait for a while before our orders were served. 

Donald playing the waiting game haha :)
Love the oriental lighting fixtures
Complimentary Tea

As soon as the dishes arrived, we inevitably felt like we were caught in a "gastronomic" battle, prompting us to eagerly "attack" on everything that was on our table using our not-so-secret "weapon" - chopsticks! LOL.


Grilled chicken, rice noodles, wakame on greens with sesame vinaigrette 
(Php 129.00)

Personally, I would eat this everyday if I were on a diet. I enjoyed the sweet-sour-salty-sesame blend of the vinaigrette plus the crunchy veggies. The Hubby did not only share the same salad bowl with me but my sentiments on this dish as well.^^

Assorted seafood in light shio (salt) broth
Php 229

If only for the generous serving of shrimp, squid and kani, I would give this ramen my all-out approval. However, I did not like the taste of shitake mushroom which was quite overpowering for me. As for the Hubby, the ramen was not that hot for his liking.

12 pieces assorted vegetable and seafood tempura
Php 199

The "crunchy-on-the outside and soft-in-the inside" texture was perfect for me. The ginger soy sauce dip was ok but I actually dipped my tempura in the remaining sesame vinaigrette. And boy, was it sooooo delicious!

In this particular platter, I avoided the onion and eggplant tempura because I never really liked those two anyway. The Hubby happily munched anything away though. I asked for his official statement on the dish, he uttered just a word, "Masarap", meaning delicious in English.^^

Php 49 each

Green Tea Jelly was fruity with only a hint of tea aftertaste. It had some nata de coco embedded in it.

The two-layered Coffee Jelly was able to capture the true flavor of the aromatic drink. The firmer layer on top had a stronger taste and can be likened to black coffee. The bottom part was softer and had a milder taste as if creamer was added to the concoction. 

The sweetest part of our meal, literally. Both jelly variants surpassed our expectation in terms of taste.


We left KITARO SUSHI with heavy but truly satisfied tummies.

Me "Cheek to cheek" with a giant sashimi LOL

 Will we go back? Why not?:)

My only complaint though is that KITARO SUSHI has limited branches. I believe more people would be able to dine conveniently in the restaurant if more mall-based branches would be opened soon. But then again, that's just my opinion.:)

For more information on KITARO SUSHI, click here.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Peach Post (OOTD)

I don't usually do OOTDs (Outfit of the Day) but since I couldn't remember when was the last time I wore PEACH and then I finally did, I thought of posting this for reference purpose.:D

This is what I wore last Saturday when I attended/hosted the 18th birthday celebration of a family friend. Beforehand, the invited ladies and girls were asked to wear any pastel colors. 

Dress: Shopaholic 
Accessories: from various bazaars
Shoes: from a bazaar

If I were to total the cost of my wardrobe here, excluding hair and make-up, it would not even reach a thousand bucks. That's what I call "practical fashion".:D

Now, the million dollar question is... 
Do I look 29 here?^^

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Candied Twist...Twisted Candy!^^

I can't help but connect this afternoon's discovery with the following "sugary" quote:
"Candy is nature's way of making up for Mondays". (Author Unknown)

Maximizing what's left of the long (and rainy!) weekend, the Hubby and I found ourselves in front of this attractive candy store at the 3rd floor of SM North EDSA The Block. The moment we set our eyes on the store, we suddenly felt like we were Hansel and Gretel (except, of course, that we did not become siblings LOL!) who were inevitably enticed by ""confectionery house" so-called Twisted Candy.

What really caught our attention were the candy chefs  kneading, pulling and twisting what seemed to be soft and plump candy dough with some design at the center.

Out of the plump  dough, thin strips were produced, each one bearing the same design as the “mother dough”. ^^ The kneading continued until the strips hardened and then cut into bite-sized  portions to officially look like rock candies :D

Watch the step-by-step process on how twisted candies are done. Click here.

It was truly an amazing sight but having come from a buffet, we did not really intend to buy some candies. However, we graciously accepted the samples handed to us. As I dropped a piece into my mouth, I immediately noticed the intense sweet and sour taste which I totally enjoyed. The Hubby enjoyed the taste even more that he asked me to pick a pack for us to purchase.:D

I opted for watermelon candies!^^

The Hubby "forcefully" took a photo of me holding my first ever Twisted Candy purchase. I also took his photo with the watermelon candies while he wasn’t looking hahaha.

Yeah I know...it was so SILLY of us taking photos with a pack of candies LMAO!

Anyway, before leaving Twisted Candy, I took more shots of  pouches and jars filled with nothing but C-A-N-D-I-E-S!^^

Back home, as I compose this post, the Hubby and I are happily munching on the candies and guess what, I am just not sure if it's just a psychological thing but it seems that the candies are slowly making it easier for us to finally accept that the long weekend's over and that Monday is just a few hours away hahaha :D

Over-all, I am pleased with Twisted Candy except that I don't think I would be purchasing candies from the store often primarily because of the price. But then...I would surely buy again because of the taste.:D

Robinsons Galleria
SM North EDSA The Block

Lollies: Php 35
Pouch 80g: Php90
Jar 70g: Php100
Jar 175g: Php225

Twisted Candy also accepts personalized orders for souvenirs, giveaways, etc.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Mary Thomas Kitchen

Our quest to find a somehow quite place inside Robinson's Metroeast, away from the heavy foot traffic and all, lead us to the mall's 5th level where we found this little restaurant with fancy interior and cozy ambience. 

Oh hello there, Mary Thomas Kitchen!:D

The Hubby and I immediately decided to dine in even if we didn't know who Mary Thomas was haha and how long had "her" restaurant been existing that we never discovered it until such moment.:)

When I opened the menu, I noticed there wasn't really anything unique to it.  I scanned through the usual roster - sandwich, pasta, burgers, cakes, rice meals, appetizers, hot and cold drinks, etc. 

After flipping through the menu, the Hubby chose lasagna (good for sharing) and cappuccino. 

I settled with nachos (good for sharing) and blended iced tea.

Taste-wise, food was ok for me but the blended iced tea definitely stood out. I totally enjoyed its refreshing sweet and sour taste...aaaaahhhh!:)

Played with a photo of myself enjoying my blended iced tea
using my fave online photo editing service - PIXLR :)

I forgot the exact amount we paid for our orders (memory gap haha) but I'm pretty sure the bill's less than 500 bucks. Not bad.

Anyway, if Hubby and I were to return  to Mary Thomas Kitchen, food won't really be the primary reason. It would be more of the restaurant's homey feel, allowing us to dine and talk without much disturbance. And since it's located at the topmost floor of the mall, I believe it would always be a nice place to go to if we get tired of the usual mall crowd. :)

5th Level
Robinsons Metroeast
Marcos Highway, Cainta