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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Candied Twist...Twisted Candy!^^

I can't help but connect this afternoon's discovery with the following "sugary" quote:
"Candy is nature's way of making up for Mondays". (Author Unknown)

Maximizing what's left of the long (and rainy!) weekend, the Hubby and I found ourselves in front of this attractive candy store at the 3rd floor of SM North EDSA The Block. The moment we set our eyes on the store, we suddenly felt like we were Hansel and Gretel (except, of course, that we did not become siblings LOL!) who were inevitably enticed by ""confectionery house" so-called Twisted Candy.

What really caught our attention were the candy chefs  kneading, pulling and twisting what seemed to be soft and plump candy dough with some design at the center.

Out of the plump  dough, thin strips were produced, each one bearing the same design as the “mother dough”. ^^ The kneading continued until the strips hardened and then cut into bite-sized  portions to officially look like rock candies :D

Watch the step-by-step process on how twisted candies are done. Click here.

It was truly an amazing sight but having come from a buffet, we did not really intend to buy some candies. However, we graciously accepted the samples handed to us. As I dropped a piece into my mouth, I immediately noticed the intense sweet and sour taste which I totally enjoyed. The Hubby enjoyed the taste even more that he asked me to pick a pack for us to purchase.:D

I opted for watermelon candies!^^

The Hubby "forcefully" took a photo of me holding my first ever Twisted Candy purchase. I also took his photo with the watermelon candies while he wasn’t looking hahaha.

Yeah I know...it was so SILLY of us taking photos with a pack of candies LMAO!

Anyway, before leaving Twisted Candy, I took more shots of  pouches and jars filled with nothing but C-A-N-D-I-E-S!^^

Back home, as I compose this post, the Hubby and I are happily munching on the candies and guess what, I am just not sure if it's just a psychological thing but it seems that the candies are slowly making it easier for us to finally accept that the long weekend's over and that Monday is just a few hours away hahaha :D

Over-all, I am pleased with Twisted Candy except that I don't think I would be purchasing candies from the store often primarily because of the price. But then...I would surely buy again because of the taste.:D

Robinsons Galleria
SM North EDSA The Block

Lollies: Php 35
Pouch 80g: Php90
Jar 70g: Php100
Jar 175g: Php225

Twisted Candy also accepts personalized orders for souvenirs, giveaways, etc.

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