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Monday, August 5, 2013

Mary Thomas Kitchen

Our quest to find a somehow quite place inside Robinson's Metroeast, away from the heavy foot traffic and all, lead us to the mall's 5th level where we found this little restaurant with fancy interior and cozy ambience. 

Oh hello there, Mary Thomas Kitchen!:D

The Hubby and I immediately decided to dine in even if we didn't know who Mary Thomas was haha and how long had "her" restaurant been existing that we never discovered it until such moment.:)

When I opened the menu, I noticed there wasn't really anything unique to it.  I scanned through the usual roster - sandwich, pasta, burgers, cakes, rice meals, appetizers, hot and cold drinks, etc. 

After flipping through the menu, the Hubby chose lasagna (good for sharing) and cappuccino. 

I settled with nachos (good for sharing) and blended iced tea.

Taste-wise, food was ok for me but the blended iced tea definitely stood out. I totally enjoyed its refreshing sweet and sour taste...aaaaahhhh!:)

Played with a photo of myself enjoying my blended iced tea
using my fave online photo editing service - PIXLR :)

I forgot the exact amount we paid for our orders (memory gap haha) but I'm pretty sure the bill's less than 500 bucks. Not bad.

Anyway, if Hubby and I were to return  to Mary Thomas Kitchen, food won't really be the primary reason. It would be more of the restaurant's homey feel, allowing us to dine and talk without much disturbance. And since it's located at the topmost floor of the mall, I believe it would always be a nice place to go to if we get tired of the usual mall crowd. :)

5th Level
Robinsons Metroeast
Marcos Highway, Cainta


  1. We have the same thoughts for the place. I hope they can improve the food including the servings :)


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