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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Nature Republic Volume Styling Wax

My quest for a good styling product for my newly-cut hair lead me to the Nature Republic boutique in SM North The Block. 

Nature Republic was formally introduced to the Philippines just recently, in 2011 if I'm not mistaken. Despite the presence of other Korean skincare and cosmetic brands that have already made their mark in the country's beauty industry, Nature Republic inevitably gained its own bevy of loyal patronizers among Pinays and Pinoys alike.

Photo cropped from https://www.facebook.com/naturerepublicp

The brand is endorsed by Jang Geun Suk and takes pride in products that are, as what the website says, "designed and developed according to the great nature's beauty secret".

Ok, going back to my quest for a good hair styling product.:) So I found myself inside Nature Republic's boutique in SM North The Block and I was drawn to the shelf where the HAIR & NATURE Collection was displayed. I picked up one blue tube and started reading the description printed in front and on its back. Everything's mostly in Korean though but the few words in English were convincing enough to make me purchase such product called "Volume Styling Wax".

The front description says: "This convenient tube wax
makes your naturally wavy hair more elastic and bouncier."

But of course, descriptions are useless if the product don't actually work so I immediately tried the product.

The wax has a firm consistency and the tube packaging makes it easier for me to control the amount dispensed. It does not feel greasy at all on my fingers and when applied to the hair. It smells good, not overpowering and reminds me of shampoo.:)

See the wax's firm consistency?

My verdict? I would say that NATURE REPUBLIC's Volume Styling Wax is effective on me. This photo is a proof of it, as it was taken while I was in a not so well-ventilated eatery and I just came from a tiring day tour around Marikina City. So I was sweaty, oily and sans makeup, but my usually rebellious hair? Though I haven't combed, my waves were somewhat defined and still in place, thanks to the wax I applied to it 6 hours before. 

I'm all sweaty but my rebellious waves somehow stayed put ^^

Will I repurchase? Yep! One 100ml tube costs Php450 but I was lucky because I got mine on sale, for just Php375.:) Compared to local waxes, this one from Nature Republic is a bit pricey but I don't think price would really be a consideration. I only apply the product right after taking a bath to the lower half of my hair where it is most wavy, (sometimes curly if the weather's humid) and I rarely re-apply after so a tube could last for a month or two, even three. More importantly, the product is effective on me.:)


4F Mega Atrium SM Megamall
3F SM The Block SM North Edsa
GF SM Fairview
GF Festival Supermall
Landmark Makati

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Macky's: Yummy Goto, Tokwa't Baboy and More!:)

When it comes to gastronomic matters, Hubby and I get extremely delighted with dining places that meet  two significant criteria:

                                  1) Able to satisfy our appetite really well  
                                  2) So affordable that we can eat there everyday

MACKY'S, one of the famous eateries in our beloved Marikina City, is all that and more. We've actually dined there for countless times already and I don't think we'll ever get tired of such place.


Ok, the eatery itself seems like an old establishment to me, doesn't look fancy at all. In fact, it could get very  humid inside especially when all the tables are occupied.  But I believe the taste of the food served greatly makes up for the lack of aircon, or the crowded space, or whatever it is that could cause inconvenience to discriminating customers. Simply put, Macky's offers simple and yet oh-so-great food to every stomach's delight.

GOTO or beef tripe congee, a popular Filipino fare, is the eatery's specialty. Macky's version of this filling treat has generous portions of actual beef, not beef tripe, plus solidified pork blood (betamax in the local vernacular) and green onions which make it tastier. A certified best-seller indeed! Its price? Php25 only, yeah that cheap.^^


Another best-seller is TOKWA'T BABOY, a dish comprised of deep-fried (hence crunchy) pork and tofu with spiced vinegar and onion. I think people rarely buy Goto without buying this dish too.:) It costs Php30 only.:)

Tokwa't Baboy (Translation: Tofu and Pork)

Aside from Goto and Tokwa't Baboy, one can also find on Macky's menu Sandwiches (Burger, Hotdog sandwich etc), Sweet Treats such as Mais con Hielo and Halu-halo, Spaghetti, Palabok and many more. The best thing is that everything is priced at Php50 and below. That's just around $1.23.:)

Macky's is truly one place in Marikina which Hubby and I take pride in. When our French friend Claire came to visit us, we inevitably included the eatery in our itinerary so she could have a taste of Pinoy food.

Our French friend CLAIRE
and another "foreigner" ('cause she's from San Mateo LOL), REINA.
Ready to fill their tummies after a tiring day tour.:)

The Hubby and I.
See how sweaty we were when this photo was taken?
Never mind, the food's good.:)
Just to share a lil story behind this "wacky" photo,
I was planning to do something naughty, that's to cover Donald's face
but I failed because the camera clicked too soon.
Better luck next time, LOL.

Macky's is located at J.P. Rizal St., San Roque, Marikina City. To get there, one can ride a jeepney going to Calumpang and get off before Our Lady of the Abandoned Church and Kapitan Moy. Or just walk towards the place if one is coming from an area already near Marikina Bridge. It is actually a perfect way to get oneself hungry in preparation for a delightful dining experience haha.

Is anybody craving for Goto and Tokwa't Baboy now?:D

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Surprise Post for the Hubby on His Birthday.:)

Today is the birthday of my ONE TRUE LOVE aka THE HUBBY.

Though the 16th of February is almost over, with him successfully withstanding my almost nonstop reference to the fact that his age is officially out of the calendar (I am such a bully hahahaha!), little does he know that a surprise still awaits him.

Now that I have finally sneaked up on him, it's time to put up this "Surprise Post".:) 

Excuse me for the mushiness though. Those who cannot withstand cheesy stuff, you may stop reading here. ^^

I just want to proclaim to the whole world how much I love love love my husband. He may never be Mr. Perfect (yes, there are a lot of things about him that I absolutely dislike) but he would always be Mr. Right for me - the one whom God has prepared for me since the beginning of the world, the one who complements my being.

I still have a lot of things to say about the Hubby, our relationship and how my heart is filled with gladness every time the thought of being married to him crosses my mind. But I have decided to cut this post short to avoid getting caught by him and then spoiling the surprise hahaha! 

Anyway, I have written a short verse dedicated to the Hubby and I believe it somehow puts in a nutshell how I feel about him.:)

by goldabidz

At first, Love was just a song echoing without sound
Hushed yet eagerly awaiting to be heard, to be found
Then you came along, our hearts started beating as one
Sweet music finally played, the silence was gone.

Happy Birthday DONALD, my ONE TRUE LOVE.<3

Friday, February 1, 2013

Haircut at Beauty Brick, a Korean Salon

After months of planning and then suddenly forgetting about it, I finally had a haircut done at BEAUTY BRICK, one of the much raved about Korean salons in the Philippines, well, at least online. Thanks to various blogs and forums (hello GIRLTalk!), I came to know about the "wonders" this salon does to its clients. 

So here goes my Beauty Brick experience.

For starters, I had to set an appointment to ensure that I'd be accommodated. I was just fortunate that even if I called the salon at 10 am, I was able to secure a 1 pm slot on the same day. It was one of those relaxed days for the salon, I was told. Maybe because it was a Tuesday? Anyway, tagging my ever supportive Hubby along, I then braved the heat of the metro and commuted all the way from Marikina to Makati just to be at Beauty Brick a little after lunch. 

We found the location to be a bit obscure even if it's just along Jupiter St. We should have been more watchful of some landmarks particularly Red Ribbon and Franck Provost. 

Upon entering the salon, we received a chorus of welcome greeting from the staff. Though we arrived  30 minutes early, I was immediately brought to the shampoo station since there were no other clients at the moment. Meantime, the Hubby settled at the cozy reception area. 

 Designated Relaxing Area
Cool wall graphics!:)
Cool wall graphics!:)

The shampoo boy was very courteous. He asked me for my preferences several times ("Cold or warm water ma'am?", etc.) and gave me helpful notices ("Ma'am mainit po yung towel ha", etc.) before he proceeded with his task. 

Afterwards, I was brought to my seat and my hair was blow-dried by one of the salon's staff. She paid attention to my hair and asked where I had it permed. I gleefully told her that I had the curls since birth teeeheee. That was actually the second time I was asked by a salon staff where I got a perm, first was in Azta Urban Salon. (Read the story here.^^)

My longer hair and curls on some random day and
minutes before the haircut, for everyone's reference

I was given some hair magazines so I can have a photo reference of the cut that I want. I flipped through each magazine while being entertained with stories and salon trivia by the staff who blow-dried my hair and a co-staff. 

Finally, it was time for my haircut. A Korean man approached and checked my hair. Known as Mr. Shin, he's the owner of Beauty Brick who always sees to it that he personally attends to each client. Unfortunately, I couldn't talk to him directly because he speaks Japanese. But thanks to a Filipina assistant who translated for him, communication was made possible. Whew!:)

I showed Mr. Shin the photo of my preferred cut but he commented (through his assistant) that the cut I chose will not work for me because of my natural curls. So I told him (through his assistant as well) that I will just entrust my hair to him and leave everything  to his discretion. I was asked if I wanted "blow-dried" or "natural" finish. I chose the latter, of course.

Mr. Shin at work.

The snipping, shaping and styling of my crowning glory were done in less than 30 minutes. Yes, that fast! It ended up, however, looking blow-dried even if I asked for the natural finish. Here's the "right-after-stepping-out-of-the-salon" photo of my new hair. For some reason, my photo was taken against a black background, sorrrrrrrrrrreeeeee!T_T    

Anyway, here's a clearer photo of my new hair taken less than 3 days after my Beauty Brick visit - already washed, shampooed and conditioned. I somehow managed to style my hair in such a way that the curls are defines and yet tamed, at least in my opinion hahaha :) I MISS MY LONG HAIR THOUGH...but that's another story.

After settling the bill (cash basis only as Beauty Brick does not accept credit card payments), we headed to the door and the staff thanked us again in chorus. A big check for customer service!:)

Would I go back to Beauty Brick for a haircut? Well yes, though I have plans of exploring other salons as well.:) It seems to me that Mr. Shin knows his craft well and passionate about bringing out the best in his clients. At a glance, the price may be higher than what I pay for cuts done in average salons but since it would most probably be an annual thing for me, then the price is just right. 

BEAUTY BRICK is located at Unit 103 Dona Consolacion Bldg. 122 Jupiter St., Bel-Air, Makati. Contact numbers: 4735108, 09175200044. The salon is open from 10 am to 8pm, Mondays to Saturdays.