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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Surprise Post for the Hubby on His Birthday.:)

Today is the birthday of my ONE TRUE LOVE aka THE HUBBY.

Though the 16th of February is almost over, with him successfully withstanding my almost nonstop reference to the fact that his age is officially out of the calendar (I am such a bully hahahaha!), little does he know that a surprise still awaits him.

Now that I have finally sneaked up on him, it's time to put up this "Surprise Post".:) 

Excuse me for the mushiness though. Those who cannot withstand cheesy stuff, you may stop reading here. ^^

I just want to proclaim to the whole world how much I love love love my husband. He may never be Mr. Perfect (yes, there are a lot of things about him that I absolutely dislike) but he would always be Mr. Right for me - the one whom God has prepared for me since the beginning of the world, the one who complements my being.

I still have a lot of things to say about the Hubby, our relationship and how my heart is filled with gladness every time the thought of being married to him crosses my mind. But I have decided to cut this post short to avoid getting caught by him and then spoiling the surprise hahaha! 

Anyway, I have written a short verse dedicated to the Hubby and I believe it somehow puts in a nutshell how I feel about him.:)

by goldabidz

At first, Love was just a song echoing without sound
Hushed yet eagerly awaiting to be heard, to be found
Then you came along, our hearts started beating as one
Sweet music finally played, the silence was gone.

Happy Birthday DONALD, my ONE TRUE LOVE.<3


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