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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Rememberin' SEOUL Part 2: A PHOTO DIARY^^

This is the second installment of the photo gallery telling the story of my wonderful "business cum pleasure" trip to Seoul, Korea in 2011, thanks to my then connection with a cosmetic and skincare brand.


It's unfortunate that I was not able to document the details in writing, but hey, the photos live to tell the tale.:D

MARCH 9, 2011 
DAY 3 Highlights

*"Field Trip" to one of Amore Pacific's factories located in Suwon, about 30 km south of Seoul. 
Amore is the mother company of Etude House, 
as well as of other cosmetic brands hailing from Korea.:)

*Sumptuous LUNCH and a poster perfect restaurant in the countryside.:)

*Amore Pacific Cosmetic Museum. 
History of beauty, anyone?^^

*FREE TIME after the trip to the countryside: 
Savoring the Streets of Seoul

*DINNER on the Floor once again!:)

*Obligatory Solo Shots LOL

*After Dinner Entertainment: 
A modern interpretation of Korean traditional performances - 
percussion, string, break dancing, martial arts and dance. 

MARCH 10, 2011 
DAY 4 Highlights

*Final Lunch in Seoul - Samgyetang
Yup, that's a whole chicken stuffed with rice and ginger for each one!:)

*Last "picture-picture" at MyeongDong before flying back to the Phils.

*Facade of Seoul Royal Hotel

After 4 days, I bade Korea not "farewell" but "see ya again soon!" because I know there's still a lot more to explore in the Land of the Morning Calm. 

I intend to fly back to Seoul, or South Korea for that matter, on two conditions: 
1. It would purely be a pleasure trip. 
2. I would be with my ultimate travel buddy...the Hubby.<3

End of my sharing. Thanks for viewing!:DDDD

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Rememberin' SEOUL on a Rainy Sunday: A PHOTO DIARY ^^

Here's my life equation for today: 
Sky Shower + Sunday  = Opportunity to just stay home and walk down memory lane by revisiting old photos.:)

In 2011, my then connection with a cosmetic and skincare brand paved the way for my first ever visit to the Land of the Morning Calm, Korea. Along with several editors, writers and TV personalities, I stayed in Seoul from the 7th to 10th of March for a "business cum pleasure" trip.

Unfortunately, I was not able to document the details in writing, e.g. the name of the places, food, etc.. But the PHOTOS are very much intact... I believe they'd do a great job in helping me reminisce and share with everyone (after 2 years!) my superb experience.:D

MARCH 7, 2011
DAY 1 Highlights

*Aboard Cathay Pacific, my tastebuds experienced gastronomic delight.:)

*Seoul Royal Hotel in Myeongdong, Seoul...our haven for 4 days.

*First Dinner in Seoul --- MILITARY SOUP - 
a tasty hodgepodge of noodles, cold cuts, veggies in spicy broth.:)

*The Philippine Delegation after the sumptuous dinner.

*First glimpse of MyeongDong at night.

*South Korean Won :D

MARCH 8, 2011 
DAY 2 Highlights

*The primary reason why our feet landed on the soils of Seoul.:)

*First lunch in Seoul after a fruitful training/ workshop.

*Visit to a doll house so-called Etude House located in ShinChon...it meant access to loads of cosmetics and skincare products, especially those which weren't available in the Philippines yet.:)

*Irresistible sweets, cakes too pretty to be eaten...
all from a pastry shop just beside Etude House. 
Wasn't able to note the name of the pastry shop though :(

*Next destination after satisfying our sweet tooth --- Insa-Dong
Main purpose? To check out antiques and artworks plus...shopping!:)

Some kinda candy that's delicate with SUGAR "HAIRS" (LOL) and peanut filling...aaaargh I forgot how it's called!^^
P.S. That ain't my hand haha :D

*DINNER --- Authentic Korean Barbecue!

*Second glimpse of MyeongDong at night...K-POP's everywhere! ^^

*Compliments of the hotel...a perfect way to end Day 2 in Seoul.:)

MARCH 9-10, 2011 
DAY 3 and 4 Highlights