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Monday, August 19, 2013

Kitaro Sushi: Japanese Food, Anyone?

Spotlight is on ...KITARO SUSHI!

As the name suggests, it is a restaurant serving fares from the Land of the Rising Sun such as tempura, ramen, sashimi, and of course sushi.

Recently, Hubby and I dropped by one of KITARO's branches (@Emerald Avenue, Ortigas) to satisfy our craving for Japanese cuisine.

There were only a few diners at that time but since it's not fast food, we had to wait for a while before our orders were served. 

Donald playing the waiting game haha :)
Love the oriental lighting fixtures
Complimentary Tea

As soon as the dishes arrived, we inevitably felt like we were caught in a "gastronomic" battle, prompting us to eagerly "attack" on everything that was on our table using our not-so-secret "weapon" - chopsticks! LOL.


Grilled chicken, rice noodles, wakame on greens with sesame vinaigrette 
(Php 129.00)

Personally, I would eat this everyday if I were on a diet. I enjoyed the sweet-sour-salty-sesame blend of the vinaigrette plus the crunchy veggies. The Hubby did not only share the same salad bowl with me but my sentiments on this dish as well.^^

Assorted seafood in light shio (salt) broth
Php 229

If only for the generous serving of shrimp, squid and kani, I would give this ramen my all-out approval. However, I did not like the taste of shitake mushroom which was quite overpowering for me. As for the Hubby, the ramen was not that hot for his liking.

12 pieces assorted vegetable and seafood tempura
Php 199

The "crunchy-on-the outside and soft-in-the inside" texture was perfect for me. The ginger soy sauce dip was ok but I actually dipped my tempura in the remaining sesame vinaigrette. And boy, was it sooooo delicious!

In this particular platter, I avoided the onion and eggplant tempura because I never really liked those two anyway. The Hubby happily munched anything away though. I asked for his official statement on the dish, he uttered just a word, "Masarap", meaning delicious in English.^^

Php 49 each

Green Tea Jelly was fruity with only a hint of tea aftertaste. It had some nata de coco embedded in it.

The two-layered Coffee Jelly was able to capture the true flavor of the aromatic drink. The firmer layer on top had a stronger taste and can be likened to black coffee. The bottom part was softer and had a milder taste as if creamer was added to the concoction. 

The sweetest part of our meal, literally. Both jelly variants surpassed our expectation in terms of taste.


We left KITARO SUSHI with heavy but truly satisfied tummies.

Me "Cheek to cheek" with a giant sashimi LOL

 Will we go back? Why not?:)

My only complaint though is that KITARO SUSHI has limited branches. I believe more people would be able to dine conveniently in the restaurant if more mall-based branches would be opened soon. But then again, that's just my opinion.:)

For more information on KITARO SUSHI, click here.

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