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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Penguin Polvoron Cupcake from Double Delights

I have never felt so guilty eating sweets until I encountered this Santa Penguin Polvoron Cupcake from Double DelightsAnd it's not even because I am watching my weight or some doctor advised me to stay away from sugar, it's only because I find it too cute for consumption! :) Nevertheless, I was not able to resist it.LOL

See! Santa Penguin seems to be begging
not to be eaten T_T

Now, let's dissect this cutie patootie dessert.:) Its main part is polvoron, a common Filipino dessert created out of toasted flour, powdered milk, butter and sugar mixed together and then molded into various shapes, round and oval being the most common. Double Delights made it possible for the polvoron to take the shape of a cupcake. White chocolate covers the upper half of the polvoron and a penguin sugar topper completes the sweet delight.

When I finally had this in my hands, I faced one dilemma ---> How to begin eating this thing? 

I decided to start from bottom to top, using the penguin topper as a handle. Surprisingly, its sweetness was just right. I actually expected it to be very saccharine but I was mistaken. Moreover, even with the white chocolate, I was still able to enjoy the distinct toasted taste of polvoron

After consuming the polvoron and the white chocolate, I took a quick look at the pitiful penguin and started biting off its head. I did not allow myself to be swayed with my emotions any further. LOL.

And that's the end of the Santa Penguin Polvoron Cupcake.:) I still feel guilty remembering Santa Penguin but I must admit, 'twas a wonderful dessert experience.:)


  1. I never taste it, but i think it's very delicious.... Right?

  2. Replies
    1. Good day! I just got the information from Double Delights' FB page :)

      Php35 for individual pack
      Php120 for box of 4
      Php180 for box of 6
      Php300 for box of 12



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