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Monday, January 28, 2013

Cloud Surprise! --- An Edible Experiment

I am not a good chef...but I intend to be one someday.:) Meantime, I just engage myself in  once in a while edible experiments.:) 

One of those which I created out of the blue is something I call CLOUD SURPRISE - a dumpling wannabe with puffed center that makes it look like those cottony figures in the sky (blame it to my crazy imagination), hence the name. I initially made the dish to, well, "surprise" the Hubby during the first month of our marriage. Though he was already very understanding back then of the fact that I was (and still am) no kitchen expert but I had to exert some effort to fill his tummy at the very least haha.

The technique in doing Cloud Surprise isn't really something new. The way it is prepared is like how most dumplings are done. I am not 100% sure that nobody has ever thought of creating something similar to it since the ingredients are so common. Yet I am somehow commending myself for being able to come up with Cloud Surprise without asking anybody, consulting a cook book or referring to the Net.:D 

Ok so much for the self-praise (sorry folks hihi). Let me just share to you the recipe for CLOUD SURPRISE.


Corned Beef (spicy preferably)
Cheese, cut into small strips
Dumpling wrapper

The measurement for each ingredient is very much adjustable but I usually am able to make around 50 pieces with 100 grams of corned beef and 1/4 block of cheese.


1. On a dumpling wrapper, put corned beef and cheese.

2. Fold the wrapper into four and seal with water.

3. Fry until crispy and golden brown.

Voila, instant appetizer or snack!:) Delicious (the Hubby says so ^^) and easy to prepare!:)



Cheese, sliced according to preferred thickness
Breading, spicy preferably


1. Roll the cheese in breading.

2. Fry until golden brown.



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