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Monday, November 26, 2012

Quick Al Fresco Dining Experience: Marikina Christmas Celebration 2012

Since the onset of Marikina's  Christmas celebration for 2012, the surrounding areas of the City Hall and Sports Complex have been transformed into a bazaar, carnival (complete with games and rides), and venue for al fresco dining.

Coming from our respective work-related events on a Sunday, Hubby and I decided to unwind a bit and our feet brought us to such brightly lit and activity-laden place. Since we were both tired, we thought of just spending less than an hour there. It was impossible for us to cover everything with our limited time so our unanimous decision was to fill our tummies with some street food. We took a stop at McDonald's Avenue, the street filled with food stalls just across Marikina City Hall and at the side of Sports Complex.  

Most of the stalls had "ihaw-ihaw" or grilled goodies (ordered with or without rice) ranging from chicken intestine to pork belly. 

But there were also other tastebud delights available such as pizza, shawarma, bibingka, puto bumbong, ice cream, siomai, and peanuts.

And the prices? I say, affordable!

Thirst quenchers.:)

We bought dugo/ betamax (pork blood) and isaw (chicken intestine) plus melon juice.

Me grinning by the "ihaw-ihaw" stall.:)
betamax and isaw :)

However the place was so packed with people, there were no available tables and chairs anymore so we just took our food and proceeded to Freedom Park where it's more peaceful, far from the eye-watering smoke.

Sea of people :)
Experience was "bitin", as we say in Pinoy vernacular, so we are definitely going back to try other stuff. My priority is to ride the cable car. I'm so shallow, I know haha.

Photo stolen from the Hubby's collection haha :D I will ask permission, rather inform him, later
that I used his photo for this entry LOL!

The Christmas festivities in Marikina will run until January 15, 2013. :D


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