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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Boracay + Howie D. of Backstreet Boys = Fantastic Workcation

Just a few minutes ago, I was browsing through my old files and I caught sight of this particular folder with photos of an unforgettable "workcation" (work plus inevitable vacation) which happened during the last week of September 2008. The experience was so fantastic that I now find myself taking a walk down memory lane.:D

September 23, 2008 (or wait, was it 24? anyway...), my feet first stepped on the dazzling white sands of Boracay

Boracay is one of the small islands in the Philippines which overflow with unspeakable charm and beauty, making it one of the country's popular destinations. Its White Beach, with clear blue skies that seem to reflect in the waters, is among the things that entice a lot of people, locals and tourists alike, to visit it all year round. The ambiance can either be serene or boisterously fun, depending on one's exact location in the island at the moment.:)

The White Beach is divided into 3 stations:
Station 1 is considered as the "high-end" part of the stretch and it is said that sand is at its finest in here.  The hotels too are the posh ones in this area. 

Station 2 is the center for parties with its bars and restaurants. People flock here especially at night to eat, drinks, and well, be merry lol. 

Station 3 has budget accommodations which obviously are less expensive than the ones in Station 1.

My 2 and a half day trip to such paradise was made possible by my former company (<--- click the link and like the page). I would like to emphasize that the primary reason for sending me there was work and not pleasure, oh yeah!:D. I was part of the trio (Hello Dianne and Duds!) who had to accompany special foreign guests and make sure everything's alright during their stay in the island. 

Because of our dear guests, we had to be housed in no less than the luxurious (and quite new then) Discovery Shores located in Station 1. That alone was enough to make my first time in Boracay a fantastic one:


Picturesque facade of Discovery Shores
 Some of the welcome goodies: Waterproof Bag, Souvenir Bracelet and Foot Spa. 
We were also given sunblock, body mist, beach bag, among others.
Our suite.:) 
The bed was so large that the 3 of us were able to fit in comfortably. 
There's Duds at the back, in yellow. That's me 4 years ago in pink 
and Dianne on the phone.:)
                            And this is the wonderful view we're talking about! 
                            I'm not referring to my bare back ok??? LOL!!!!:)        
More of the breathtaking scenery. Never mind Mr.Sun who had us squinting.:)
The relaxing pool and jacuzzi in Discovery Shores --- 
a perfect alternative to those who don't want to bask in the sun just yet.:) 
And yeah, during our stay, we were served with a snack of 
sweetened banana while in the pool.

 My tastebuds were just as happy as I was during that "workcation" because of these and more!

Welcome treat from Discovery Shores Boracay.
On the second day, a staff brought to our suite 
this too-beautiful-to-be-eaten leche flan.
We ate it anyway haha.
Our drinks during the day from our hotel. 
And our munchies at night bought at a food station in Station 2.

And the best part of the whole experience?

(UP MUSIC: Quit playing games with my heart, with my heart, with my heart. I should have known from the start...lalala baby...)

HOWIE D. of BACKSTREET BOYS!:) With his wife LEIGH.:) Yeah! He came to the Philippines to promote the single "I'll Be There", a duet with Pop Princess (or better yet, Queen) Sarah Geronimo from her album "Just Me". Part of his itinerary was to see what has once been acclaimed as "Best Island in the World" by a travel magazine. 

Once upon a time, before the K-POP era, I was one of the zillion fans adoring Backstreet Boys from afar. Little did I know that 12 years after, I would be face to face and actually speaking with one of "the boys". I would have died if it had been Nick Carter though haha. Prior to the meeting, I really thought that I had already outgrown the BSB fanaticism. Apparently, I was mistaken.:)

Fangirls LOL!

But then, as always, a wonderful adventure (especially if it's a "workcation" to begin with) is not without stress and crucial decisions to make from beginning to end. But what I would rather remember now are...the nice things.:D 

And that wraps up my reminiscence for today teeeheee.:D


  1. waaaah ang tabaa ko pa non!!! grabeh i miss those days! :)))

    1. Ako naman, feeling ko wala akong kalaman-laman haha :D Waaaaa nakakamiss nga :DDDDD

  2. Wow, discovery shores! how much is their rate back then? just to give info, that luxury hotel resort in boracay was one of the best in the world recently according to online polls and news. :)

    1. Hi! Sorry but I actually don't remember the published rates back then.:) Anyway, we were accommodated in Discovery Shores for free because of Howie.:)

      Yeah, it's no wonder that such hotel was chosen as one of the best in the world. I would love to go back there in the near future.:)


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