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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Breakfast Spam Sushi/Gimbap: An Edible Experiment

This easy-to-do dish came about one fine July morning in HK. Hubby (whom I was visiting then) and I were both lazy to go out and eat somewhere so we just rummaged through the items we bought from ParknShop the night before and decided to just fry some Spam. We initially thought of having some seaweed sheets for our side dish but my creative juice just flowed so we ended up having some "Spam Sushi" (or could be "Spam Gimbap" too) for breakfast.:)

For a dish so simple, we enjoyed the process of doing it, as well as the taste. The saltiness of the seaweed sheet and meat loaf was balanced by the blandness of rice so everything just went together perfectly.:)



Fried meatloaf
Newly cooked rice
Seaweed sheets


Put some rice and a piece of meatloaf on one side of the seaweed sheet.

Fold the seaweed sheet in half, covering the rest of the ingredients.

Carefully pick the entire thing with chopsticks.



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