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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Human Nature Bamboo Body Scrub

This humid Saturday night, before I take my evening bath this humid Saturday night, I'm putting into spotlight one of my newest bath buddies ---- Human Nature's Bamboo Body Scrub!

This is what the product claims, as stated at the back of its packaging. 

This is how the product look against my skin. See the scrubs and black rice?:)

Ok, so here's my two cents on Human Nature's Bamboo Body Scrub. 

FEEL: The scrubs combined with the rich creamy base make up a luxurious all-natural body product that is gentle and safe on skin but exfoliates really well. After bathing, my skin feels tight and smooth. 

SMELL: Honestly, I am not very partial to vanilla scent. It makes me a lil dizzy haha. At the beginning, it was unfortunate for me because this product comes in Vanilla Paradise scent only. I must admit though that the aroma isn't overpowering so I believe I'm starting to get used to it. But I still hope that new scents will be introduced in the future (paging Human Nature ^^).

PRICE: Reasonable. A 50 gram tube costs only P129.75, while a 200 gram tube costs P349.75. The price could still go lower if there's a promo.:)

DOWNSIDE: I find it so irresistible that I sometimes use it 2-3 days in a row, only to finally gain self-control and remind myself that everyday exfoliation is not good for the skin! Haha.:)

Overall, I would recommend Human Nature's Bamboo Body Scrub to anyone who'd like to have revitalized skin minus the harmful chemicals.:)


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