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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Stone is MySelf: A Retro Post

Here's another RETRO-POST which was first published in my "goldabidz" blog last Sept. 25, 2007. I'm thinking, maybe this had to be created, this had to come into existence so that 6 years after, in one of my not-so-perky moments like tonight, I would have something to relate to. Excuse me then, I will let my younger and seemingly more profound self "speak" for now.

Stone and Self... Quote Explained


For some time now, these words have occupied the shout out box in my Friendster account: "The World is an Unknowing Witness to the Merging of the Stone and Self"

Now, what does this seemingly profound thought really means? For starters, let me define the terms in the context of my experience.

WORLD All the people around me, who know me, have chanced upon me in one way or

another- family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, enemies, etc.

UNKNOWING "not aware of" OR could also be "insensitive to"

WITNESS one who has personal knowledge of something (from Merriam-Webster),
one who has seen, heard, or encountered something

MERGING becoming one, being the same

SELF that's me

STONE being numb, unfeeling, indifferent, hardened....just like the stone

Now that I have defined the terms, I hope you now have an idea of what the quote really means. If it's still a blur, let me put it bluntly...

In life, I always encounter hardships, sufferings, predicaments or watchamacalit, and most of the time, I'm able to survive them through my defense mechanism, which is numbness. It is such an art I've mastered that whenever I feel like giving up, my system almost automatically sets aside (and then I become apathetic to) the unpleasant things and gives way to the ones which are not so upsetting to me. That is why I still manage to wear a huge smile on my face despite all the odds.

Yes, that mask of happiness... that mask which people see, or choose to see, in me but not everyone knows that once in a while, chaos and misery lurk behind it... Oh well, I couldn't care less, actually, I would still want people to perceive me as someone always in high spirit, someone who is cheerful and contented. Never mind if they just remain as "Unknowing Witnesses" every time the "Self" starts to merge with the "Stone"...

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