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Monday, April 21, 2014

Deflating the Balloon a.k.a. My Body :P

I believe that I am at my "largest" these days...in terms of physique, that is.^^

If it had been in my younger years, it would not even be a concern to me. I was skinny for the longest time and very much happy with the fact that my voracious eating habits never took a toll on my vital statistics.  I thought it would last forever.^^

Taken during my graduation a decade ago.:)
But now, it is an entirely different story. Having viewed my photos taken during last Sunday's Easter celebration, the undeniable truth was smacked right in my face. After three decades, my body has finally succumbed to the "ballooning phenomenon".T_T  [Note to dear readers: I take full credit for such term! I am pretty sure you read it first here on my blog hihi. (^ . ^)]

Do I blame it then on slower metabolism that comes with aging? I dunno but one thing is for sure... the challenge is on to bring back my old figure or at least fix the problem areas such as my arms and tummy. 

No, please don't get me wrong. I do not have anything against those on the heavier side of the scale. For me, they are beautiful beings who should be defined neither by pounds nor inches, but rather by the goodness of character.

However, the decision to go on a diet occurred to me because I am already starting to get tired of lots and lots and lots of people in my circle expressing disbelief over the sudden and drastic change in my shape. My usual rebuttal consists of these lines ---> "I merely became voluptuous"  or "My body had simply matured" LOL but even those are not enough to stop all the comments from sprouting here, there and everywhere. It can really get annoying, mind you. @_@

Besides, I also want to be able to wear again my clothes which are still in good condition but do not fit me anymore. Talk about saving on wardrobe expenses!

Enter...No Rice Dinner Diet (NRDD)

Since I am too busy (or lazy...whatever haha) to go to the gym, exercise, or prepare a special dietary menu and I am not yet ready to give up sinful food, the ultimate plan is to simply cut on my carbs in the evening. Anyway, less energy is required and utilized at that time compared to the rest of the day. 

This scheme is obviously not novel and many have already tried it. Just the same, I am still curious if it would give me positive result after a month.^^ Anyway, should it be not as effective as initially thought, at the very least, it would pave the way for Hubby and I to stretch our rice supply a little more, hence, more savings for us.^^

Tonight counts as No Rice Dinner #1. A follow-up will be posted after a month to determine if the goal to deflate the "balloon", a.k.a. my body, has been attained. LOL!

So, good luck to me!^^


  1. Now ko lang na realize na fellow Iska ka pala. Or I remember but I forgot. hihi. Anyway, grabe we had the same problem. I was so super skinny and active playing football. When I started working ayun wala na. But gosh, the no rice diet works. as in really really works. To getting skinny and fit!;)

    1. Whew, nice to know that someone can actually relate with me hehe.^^ To getting (and remaining) skinny and fit!^^

      And oh, yep, I spent my elementary years in St. Scho. Hello fellow Iska!^^


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