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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Amazing Fact About Gmail

Please set aside nasty judgement. For me to "discover" this only recently simply means I must have lived in a cave for so long. LOL

So what's my great discovery? Well, I found out that DOTS are negligible in GMAIL addresses! 

To further illustrate, I'm going to use this fictitious email address: sample.email@gmail.com

Now, if I omit the dot in between "sample" and "email" then send a message to sampleemail@gmail.com, it will still be successfully sent to the original address. Likewise, if I add more dots as shown below, the message will be sent nonetheless!


or even


Amazing huh?

What's the significance of this in my life then? Well, I use gmail for business communication (this is different from my personal address as seen in this blog's Contact Me page) and I often worry that people would overlook the dot placed in between my first name and surname. As a consequence then, I would miss important messages. But now I am assured that it's far from happening, unless of course, what's removed is the dot between "gmail" and "com".:)

Years ago, I was able to send an email to Donald, my Hubby, even if I accidentally erased a dot from his original address. I didn't really ponder on what happened until just a few days back. I tried sending an email to myself using my business address, without the dot, and there went the message straight to my inbox.

For those who have known this since birth, you are free to ignore this post (and secretly laugh at me) but allow me to share this piece of information to anybody out there who has lived in a cave with me for so long.:D

And yeah, I did my research too after and found this LINK helpful.

End of sharing. LOL!


  1. Hello!Like your blog,and this is my first time here.What do you think about following each other.Just let me know and I'll follow you back... :D Kisses

    1. Followed you dear! I enjoyed browsing through your blog!:D


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