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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Our Dog's Amazing Transformation ^^

Out of boredom, I juxtaposed a photo of our pet dog during his early days with a more recent snapshot. The result is a depiction of his amazing transformation which happened in barely a year!:)

Though JIGGLY remains to be a playful and overly energetic furball sometimes to the point of being destructive haha, it is without doubt that he has already grown. 

I do wish our otherwise loyal pet would remain with us until 100 dog years or beyond. Never mind the x number of slippers and stuff that he has nibbled and would nibble to disintegration...never mind his annoying hobbies which include licking human skin, nipping human legs and playing tug-of-war with a rag...he would always be forgiven as long as he stays healthy and keeps us company for the longest time possible.:)

Uh...on second thought, I take back what I said about the slippers and stuff LOL.:)


  1. I can relate with the x number of slippers! It never failed to happen in every dog my family owned. Haha

    Ang bilis lumaki ni Jiggly :)

  2. Jiggly destroyed one of my favorite sandals aaaargh. I couldn't stay mad with him for so long though kainis.:)

    Yup, ang bilis nga! Amazing talaga!^^


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