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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

ARTS and CRAFTS: Handmade Scrap Leatherette Pillow

One of the realizations that make me smile these days is the fact that I have always been in love with crafts, much longer than I have been with my hubby haha!:D I find it really satisfying  to save up materials on their way to the trash bin and turn them into something useful. Take for example, scrap fabrics. 

During our wedding preparations last year, hubby and I went to Divisoria to source out fabrics for gowns, souvenirs etc. Though we were not particularly eyeing for leatherette, I  insisted on passing by one shop selling such kind of fabric, out of fascination. I was able to collect a number of pieces which were given to me for free supposedly for swatching purpose. 

After the wedding, I had to do a general cleaning so I can throw away those which would not have much use as I embark on a new chapter of my life. Such action was actually a preventive measure so my hubby would not drown in my sea of stuff haha. 

Much to my resistance, I still ended up parting with a lot of things but when it came to my scrap fabrics, I dunno but I just couldn't let my hands shoot them into the trash bin (well, more of a trash sack haha). I knew I had to do something with them in order to make their "stay" with me justifiable.

Idea immediately struck me and I started putting the pieces together, sewing them side to side. I did not seek the help of Mr. Sewing Machine, mind you. I merely handstitched them using back stitch. With some cotton filling at hand, tadaaaaaan! scrap fabrics were turned  into a nice PILLOW!:)

It took me more than a week to finish this because I was also busy with other things. But based on my estimate, if the focus would only be on sewing, a period of three days, or even less, is enough to complete projects such as this.

So there, my "craft-y" mind saved the scrap fabrics from joining the rest of the garbage. And I believe that if they can only talk, they'd be thanking me profusely. Haha!

How about you, have you turned scrap fabrics into something nice lately?:)


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