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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

INTRODUCTION: Some Sorta Confession

Since the 27th of APRIL 2005, I have randomly created blogs only to abandon them after some time. Several of these blogs have now been hidden in private especially the one bearing my first ever post about some heartache over a guy (makes me cringe just thinking about it!). Fast forward to the present times, I realized that I have already been through a lot of things and pretty much moved on with life. So after a long period of hiatus, I am really itching more than ever to put together words, tell stories, share reviews and simply make sense. 

Just a bit of confession here (more to myself actually), my blogging took a backseat not really because of the cliche-ish "lack-of-time-and-inspiration" reason. It was actually a serious case of laziness, I suppose. Haha.

But at the back of my mind, for my own sake, I did want to write. So there came a point when I told myself that I would blog again as soon as I get a really compelling inspiration to do so, something life-changing, something that would illustrate a dream come true, something that I have not experienced ever but would really want to...like...uhm...getting knocked up! And so that was it! I had a justifiable excuse for myself to let laziness brush off the urge to write until that moment of "finally-seeing-two-pink-stripes-after-peeing-on-a-stick" comes. 

It would have been an interesting introductory post on a new blog. I would stir up controversy by writing about how one of my hubby's little soldiers has successfully put down and conquer my Queen Egg's line of defense, or about infertility paranoia and how it has started to creep into my system despite the fact that the hubby flew away barely two months after our wedding and came back for good only after a year and two months. I would also express my extreme annoyance with people who endlessly asked me about being knocked up or worse, bugged us for explanation why I wasn't yet! Yeah, it would really have been a good (and mean at the same time lol) way to re-immerse myself into the world of blogging.

Yet as the days went by, with mommyhood seemingly unlikely to materialize anytime soon and the scribbler in me starting to get impatient, I have decided to focus on other awesome things which life has to offer and ultimately, write. 

So here I am, blogging anew as I embark on a new journey to a more awesome life. Welcome to my brand new (and hopefully last haha) blog. 

Beyond Pink Stripes.


  1. Akala ko naman kung ano na eh. =) Medyo high end ang blog, automatic na naging private yung mga blogs ko. Hahaha. =)

    Kidding aside, this is a good diversion for you and good read for us. =) Keep this coming!

    1. Haha ano baaaaa!:) Give me your blog's link, I'll follow you teeeheeee :D

  2. I too have blogs everywhere before, hopefully I'll be able to update this one for a long run. Good luck to your brand new blog and future mommyhood :)

    1. Thanks! I look forward to reading all your posts too.:D


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