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Monday, October 29, 2012

Pinay Ukay Fashion on the Streets & Hallways of Hong Kong

Who says being cheap cannot be fashionable? In fact, being able to put together a gorgeous getup, from head to toe, amounting to just a few bucks (less than P500/$12 perhaps?) is something I consider as a talent.:)

Now, where else would I go if I want to score lovely clothes without breaking the bank? 

"Ukay" comes from a Filipino word "halukay" which translates to "rummage" in English. This kind of shop in the Philippines sells pre-loved clothes, bags, shoes and other items mostly from other countries like the United States. Most "ukay-ukay" are not air-conditioned and   items are just everywhere that sometimes there's hardly space to move especially if there are a lot of people spanning the whole shop and searching through endless rows, columns or piles, turning items up and down (hence, the term "ukay"). But hey, with the unbelievably low price tag, it's worth the sweat, muscle pain (ok, I'm exaggerating haha) and all the time and effort. With extreme patience, one may even be lucky to own unique and authentic designer/branded pieces.:)

Over time, I have collected various pieces from Ukay-ukay shops. What's good is that these have not just remained in my closet but I have actually put them on and taken them to places. 

When I went to Hong Kong last July, I brought with me a handful of stuff from Ukay. Who knows though if the clothes originated from Hong Kong and were just brought to the Philippines for selling? Nevertheless, I still love all of them.:) 

Here are some of my HK snapshots wearing those great Ukay finds. 


Oh-so Comfy and Casual
Top with Wave Print (P100)
From Day to Night Look
Asymmetrical Dress (P150);
Wooden Wedge Sandals (P250)

Pretending -To-Be-A-Student-at-HK-Poly-University Look :D
Pink Mini-Dress with Wired Tulle Underskirt (P150)
*Improvised Pink Tie's actually a Ribbon Belt from another dress

Milk Tea Model? LOL
Blue Sheer Top (P80);
Black Wedge Shoes (P250)

and so far, my favorite among all...

Chiffon Dress (P150)
 Wooden Wedge Sandals (P250)
More photos of me just walking around. :D
    Close-up shot of the print. The figures actually look like 
    limbless people, some kinda weird yeah but I still love
    the dress to bits haha :)
I just love this shot (thanks to the Hubby). 
This would have been perfect, if not for that extra men behind me grrr :D

Neon Pink Plush Sandals! (P250)
*Accents: Gray Tights from a market 
in Taiwan; Luggage from Racini

But wait there's more! This particular shoes which I also got from Ukay wasn't part of my HK wardrobe but I like it so much that I might as well show it to everyone.

Pretty footwear huh?:)
Have you tried Ukay-ukay shopping? How was the experience? Have you found anything worth showcasing?


  1. Nice post! I should go Ukay shopping too one of these days! :)

  2. Yeah, that would be wonderful!:)Feel free to share if you find something nice from Ukay too!:)

  3. Who wouldn’t love ukay-ukay? How I wish makeups can be sold at ukay-ukay stores too! Ha ha ha, unfortunately it is not possible to sell 2nd hand makeup and skincare products.

    ~Pauline @Kallony

    1. How I wish too! Imagine getting high-end cosmetics at a low price?:) That could be unhygienic though.:D

    2. By the way, thanks for dropping by my blog. I will check on your site too.:DDD

  4. Hi! you've got a nice blog! pls do check mine also http://jendialouise.wordpress.com and http://itsblogjendia.wordpress.com Let's follow each other! :)

    1. Hi Jenda! Thank you for taking time to visit my blog.:)

      I enjoyed browsing through your blogs, especially the one featuring your OOTDs.^^


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