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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Handmade Mini Backpack for A Bashful Bear

Here's another handmade craft by yours truly.:) 

I made this for a bashful bear who just can't afford to face the camera every time his picture is taken lol. It's just that black dominates his whole outfit so I figured that he needs an accessory with a dash  of color.:)

I used scrap flannel fabric which I cut into squares and quilted together (excuse me, no sewing machine!:)) to produce this mini backpack for him. I got a spare blue zipper and then sewed it on the topmost part to complete this creation.:D

Sharing with you a picture of the finished product, and oh, of the bashful bear as well. Sorry, it's just his back haha.:)

Do you love handmade crafts?


  1. It's really cute! Anyway, just dropping by to tell you that I have awarded you the Laine Blogger Award Golda! This is my way of thanking you for visiting, commenting and following my blog. I'm following yours too. Congratulations! Check the award on http://mylifelatelyblog.blogspot.com/

    1. Hi there!:D Thank you so much for the award, seriously! *kilig

      I am just in a retreat right now (and I told myself not to go online but this is just for a few minutes, promise :D) but as soon as I'm back, I will surely showcase the award you've just given me.:) *more kilig

      May I just ask permission to use the image of Laine Blogger Award on your own post?:) Thanks!:)

  2. I like!!!!


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