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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Grave of the Fireflies: A Retro Post

Since it's a long weekend for us here in the Philippines, (thanks to All Saints Day and All Souls Day strategically falling on a Thursday and a Friday, respectively), here's a movie recommendation from me. 

If anybody wants to watch a seriously overwhelming film with a story that's sure to bring about heart constriction to any viewer, well then this is definitely the one. This is an old film, by the way, so I guess the only access to this would be youtube or other video supporting websites.:) 

I was really affected after I watched the movie way back 2009 that I could NOT not write even just a simple review and post it on my previous blog. There are actually 2 versions, one done in live action and the other, animated. I have not watched the animated version so this review is that of the former.

Correction: There are 3 versions of this movie so it can get quite confusing looking for links. The initial release was in 1988 and that was done in full animation. Two live action versions were made after, first in 2005 (the one I've watched) and another in 2008. Thanks to a friend, Mr. Valdes, for pointing this out.:)

Have you watched Grave of the Fireflies? How has it affected you?


  1. Looking forward to watching this one! I hope I can find a copy though! Thanks! :)

    1. Just sent you a link to save you from the trouble of searching. Hihi!:D Enjoy!:D

  2. I'm a man and yet i got affected by this movie too.


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