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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Heartbreak Scare: Of Halloween and Love: A Retro Post

Exactly 5 years ago, I posted this. And now, all I want to do is travel back time and scold my younger self for entertaining such thoughts. It's so mushy to the point of being yucky LOL!:)

Anyway, the guy being referred to in this post is actually my Hubby now. The relationship is, of course, not perfect but it's definitely far from "doomsville". 

Please share with me the agony of revisiting this post haha. Let's look back to this day, at this time, 5 years ago.

Oh well, so much for being mushy and for Halloween! After all, there are more significant celebrations in the Philippines that come after the 31st of October --- All Saints Day (November 1) which honors saints and their inspiring transcendence to holiness despite being sinners themselves and of course, All Souls Day (November 2) which commemorates the beloved departed.:)
Have you been heartbroken?


  1. Wahahaha! You didn't even know i've written this until now. Bleh!:D

  2. we all get that scare Golds...at one point. your fear is very understandable and natural. when we love someone, we give our all. we strive to protect them. yeah this one is mushy...and sweet. i'm sure donald's blushing while reading this :)

    1. Right! Haha, actually I'm the one blushing out of embarassment while reading my own post!:D


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