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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Leftover Makeover: Scrambled Egg Con Lechon

Until now, Hubby and I are still thriving on Christmas and New Year leftovers.:) It's not a bad thing though because we spend less on food these days hohoho.:)

Anyway, my post would be about what we had for brunch today. Made out of leftovers (yeah!), it's a very ordinary dish but the taste turned out to be so good that I thought of sharing the idea with everyone.


Leftover Lechon (cut in strips)
Leftover Quickmelt Cheese (cut in desired size)

1. Beat egg.
2. Add cheese and seasoning.
3. Set aside egg mixture.
4. Fry lechon strips until crispy. (Fat from lechon may be used as cooking oil substitute)
5. Add egg mixture.
6. Cook as you would a scrambled egg.
7. Serve and enjoy!

Sorry for this seemingly "unflattering" photo LOL!

Very simple and easy to do, right? But the taste? Ooooohhhhh, simply awesome!:) 

This dish is perfect for breakfast, lunch too and yes, even dinner. 

Happy cooking and eating!:)


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